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Chip Away the Parts That Aren’t the Best You

Michelangelo carved the statue David out of a piece of marble that had been rejected by other sculptors. They believed the marble was ruined, unworthy of an attempt. But Michelangelo looked inside the marble and saw David. Michelangelo said that all that he had to do was chip away all of the parts that weren’t David to reveal him. The statue is Michelangelo’s masterpiece.

You are very much like that piece of marble. You might even have some doubts about what’s really inside. But your greatest masterpiece lives inside you. All that you have to do is chip away all of the parts that don’t make up the biggest and best version of you to reveal what’s been hidden inside you the whole time.

You’ll have to chip away your negative, disempowering beliefs to reveal the positive, empowering ones buried underneath.

You’ll have to carve off the poor personal psychology, the scarcity mindset, and the victim mentality. You’ll also have to carve out the inner critic. What you’ll find underneath is a positive personal psychology, an abundance mindset, personal empowerment, and your inner coach.

You’ll have to chip away the “too small vision” of yourself to reveal the very best, difference-making you lurking just underneath the surface.

And you’ll have to remove too small goals, procrastination, should have’s, and excuses.

Once you’ve done all of this chipping away you’ll be left with your masterpiece. What will stand on that pile of rubble will be the biggest, best version of yourself the world has ever known.

You are the sculptor. It’s in your power to make these changes. It’s worth every bit of effort, even it is laborious and takes a long time. What you’ve now got in your mind after reading this is a hammer and a chisel.

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  • Astro Gremlin

    Don’t chisel yourself out of using additive sculpture technique used, for example, in clay, when larger or even new features are added. The you that you want should amplify your best attributes.

  • Tamara Schenk

    I love this story! A friend of mine is a sculptress and I was often involved in the process of a new sculpture. She always said the same, often referring to Michelangelo. The challenge with marble is, if you chip away too much, you will have a problem.
    This is why sculptors are so passionate about the new sculpture that they feel completely “one” with the sculpture – it is living. If you will ever have the possibility in being a model for a sculptor, you will experience the same, you are one with the sculpture.
    It’s living – and that is the difference between art and handcraft…

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      I am anxiously awaiting the request that I model for a sculptor!

  • rnottingham

    Anthony. What a great great great post. BRAVO. It was great not because it was great for everyone else, but it was great for me.

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      Thanks, Rodney!

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