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There are few people who know what it takes to become known, like Anthony’s guest on this episode, Mark Schaefer. Mark has spent his entire adult life consistently generating the quality content that has placed him in the spotlight in the business world. From studying under Peter Drucker to engaging with business leaders worldwide, Mark’s experience has led him to write his newest book, “Known” – an examination of how we become known and why it’s more important and powerful to be known than to be famous. Anthony and Mark have a wide-ranging conversation, all centered around the things it takes to truly become known for the value you provide, so be sure you make the time to listen.

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How being known is different and more powerful than being famous.

A quick check just now reveals that 27,100 people are Googling the phrase, “How to become famous” every day. That tells you a lot about the culture we live in. But Mark Schaefer, Anthony’s guest on this episode of In The Arena, is convinced that being known is very, very different than being famous and that it has a great deal more power for good in the world. In this conversation, Anthony quizzes Mark about his book, “Known” and asks about the specific things that go into being known. Be advised, it’s a long game, but one well worth playing. You’re going to enjoy this conversation.

Being famous is about you. Becoming known is about your goals.

Anyone who wants to become famous is seeking glory, the spotlight, notoriety. And when you look closely you’ll see that those things all have to do with the individual. They are purely selfish. But becoming known is a step in the journey of those who are trying to make a difference, it’s a move toward accomplishing their crazy goals that can change the world. Find out how Mark Schaefer says we have to go about becoming known and why it’s the exact opposite of becoming famous by listening to this episode. In his characteristic way, Mark tells stories and gives examples so you can walk away from this conversation knowing exactly what you need to do next. Ready? Welcome to In The Arena.

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How important is content creation in becoming known?

In the digital world, content is everywhere – from stupid cat videos to in-depth articles outlining the newest sales strategies. With so much content available you might think that adding your voice to the noise is not going to make much difference. But here’s how it can: If you create content that is better and you do it more consistently, you’ll rise to the top – you’ll become known. Mark Schaefer highlights the importance of creating great content in this day and age and provides some tips for how you can adjust your mindset to play the long game required – and it’s all on this episode.

Consistency is the power behind becoming known through content creation.

It’s hard to keep going when you don’t see the results of what you’re doing. Mark Schaefer understands that. He’s been posting incredible, regular content for years and it wasn’t until the recent past that he began seeing the influence he was having. Why did he keep going all those years when it seemed like nothing was really working? It’s because he has the philosophy that as long as you see signs that what you’re doing MIGHT be making a difference, you should keep going. The certainty of your impact only comes through consistency, and by default, that’s a long game. You have to believe in the change you’re trying to make enough to keep going. You can hear a good deal more of Mark’s wisdom, on this episode of In The Arena.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Anthony’s introduction of his guest today, Mark Schaefer.
  • What is the new equity of influence?
  • Why being known is different than being famous.
  • How important is content creation in becoming known?
  • Anthony’s decision to create content to become known – and the results.
  • Is there any truth to the “follow your passion” mantra?
  • How narrow should a niche focus be to truly become known?
  • Human content VS non-human content.
  • Mark’s experience studying under Peter Drucker.
  • The truth behind Mark’s biggest blog post: Content Shock.

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