Mark Hunter on How to Target and Win High Profit Prospects – Episode #71


Mark Hunter is one of those guys you never forget once you’ve heard him speak. That’s because he’s got such penetrating insight and such unreserved passion behind his opinions. This episode commemorates the release of Mark’s newest book, “High Ticket Prospecting.” Anthony asks Mark a lot of questions about the content of the book including why he felt the book was needed in the first place. In characteristic style Mark’s going to give it to you straight on this one, so be sure you take the time to listen.

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Find your ideal client by starting with the outcomes you can provide.

One of the most important things Mark Hunter teaches is that in order to find the ideal prospect you have to first know who your ideal client is. But you won’t be able to identify them unless you start with the outcomes that you uniquely provide. On this episode, Mark Hunter chats with Anthony about how that process works and gives you some steps to follow to build that ideal client profile and get your prospecting in high gear as a result.

You’ve got to communicate with people using the method they appreciate most.

Prospecting is about communication and Mark Hunter is no stranger to picking up the phone to make that connection. But he’s also aware that not everyone gravitates toward or appreciates the telephone. So as a salesperson you’ve got to pivot in the way you make contact with people, learning how to connect with them using the means they prefer, whether that’s email, phone, or something altogether different.

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Why have salespeople shifted to email over the telephone?

Mark Hunter believes that most sales professionals have shifted to email because it makes the sting of rejection easier to handle. It’s also a way that they are able to show their managers that they are making contacts consistently – but just how effective ARE those contacts anyway? On this episode, Mark chats with Anthony about the right and wrong way to do email prospecting. He even gives you a brief example of what his prospecting emails are like and how he uses them.

The greatest lesson Mark Hunter has learned in life is to get back up.

The sales arena is not a place for the faint of heart or timid. Rejection is real. Closed doors happen often. Mark Hunter has learned that one of the most important skills for any human being, but especially a sales professional is the ability to get up when they are knocked down. Discouragement cannot be allowed to win. Pessimism must be crushed. On this episode, Mark shares why he’s come to believe that so strongly and how it has served him in life and sales.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Anthony’s introduction of Mark Hunter.
  • The elephant in the room about Mark’s new book.
  • Why Mark decided he needed to write a second book about prospecting.
  • How Mark plans to target high profit customers.
  • Why have sales people shifted to email?
  • What salespeople have to do to maximize their time for prospecting.
  • The difference between a prospect and a suspect and why it’s important to qualify leads immediately.
  • Why sales managers are responsible for accuracy in the prospecting pipeline.
  • Should salespeople still be using the telephone? What about leaving voicemail?
  • How email can be used effectively to prospect.
  • The person who’s had the biggest influence on Mark’s thinking.
  • The biggest lesson Mark has learned in life.
  • Mark’s new certification from the National Speaker’s Association.
  • How you can get Mark’s new book.

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