Lewis Howes: What Is Greatness and How to Be Great – Episode #68


What is greatness?

Have you ever thought about it? We look at athletes and leaders and musicians and say they are “great,” but what do we really mean? It has something to do with skill and competence, but there’s more to it than that. It has to do with the character that has enabled that person to achieve the things they have, to attain levels of expertise or knowledge or ability that few others reach. On this episode Lewis Howes talks with Anthony about what it means to be great and what it takes to get there. You won’t hear a better conversation on the subject of greatness, so be sure you set aside the time to listen to this one.

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Becoming a great speaker, entrepreneur, and coach.

Lewis Howes was a 20-something year old when he walked into an Ohio Toastmasters group where he first met Anthony Iannarino. It was there that Anthony saw Lewis mature into a truly powerful speaker who was aiming at the top – at greatness. The two of them quickly became friends and each think deeply about the subject of greatness – that’s why this conversation is so enjoyable. You’ll hear Lewis talk about his own pursuit of greatness as a speaker, business leader, coach, and athlete – and you’ll get to hear his thoughts on what truly makes a person great in any discipline.

What does it take to achieve greatness?

When asked the question Lewis Howes gives a few responses. First, in order to achieve greatness Lewis believes that you have to believe that you are worthy to reach the point of being called “great.” If you’re not able to believe that you deserve it you’ll likely never be able to accomplish it – and even if you do, you won’t believe you have. But more so, it has to do with belief in your ability to reach a point of greatness at all. If you want to hear more of Lewis’ insights into the topic this episode is for you.

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What is greatness? How would YOU define it?

Naturally, every discipline or area has its own particulars as to what makes someone “great” in the field of competitors or participants. For that reason alone “greatness” cannot be defined by a set of acquired skills. It has more to do with the inner person, the character, discipline, and mindset they bring to the things they do. On this episode Lewis Howes shares his insights about the question, “What is greatness?” by retelling some of the stories and situations from his podcast interview series, “The School of Greatness.”

Would you like to attend Lewis Howes’ Summit of Greatness for $100 off?

Since Lewis and Anthony have been friends for so long Lewis was happy to provide a discount to his upcoming event – The Summit of Greatness – to anyone who listens to In The Arena. If you’d like to have $100 off the registration price all you have to do is go to Lewis’ event website mentioned on this episode and enter the code “Be Great” in the discount coupon field. It’s a gift from Lewis and Anthony to you. And by the way, you’ll get to meet Anthony there if you attend.

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Outline of this great episode

  • How Anthony met Lewis Howes at Toastmasters.
  • What Lewis does on his podcast and how he came up with the name.
  • Lewis’ top interviews (in his opinion).
  • What is greatness?
  • People Lewis believes demonstrate greatness.
  • Lewis’ book: School of Greatness – dealing with adversity.
  • Dealing with the feelings and dialogue that go on inside.
  • What mindset is necessary for greatness?
  • How the results you produce depends on the energy you have physically.
  • What Lewis is reading right now.
  • The person who’s had the biggest impact on Lewis’ thinking.
  • What job Lewis would be doing if he wasn’t doing what he’s doing now.
  • What Lewis wants to be remembered for.
  • Lewis’ event: The Summit of Greatness

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