How to Create an Indomitable Mindset

There is nothing more fundamental to success than a powerful, indomitable mindset. Nothing will cause success to elude you more than a weak, disempowered set of beliefs.

To create an empowered mindset, you need to reject ideas and beliefs that don’t serve you, embracing positive ideas and choosing to be infected with beliefs that give you strength of mind.

What You Must Reject

  • Negativity: Negativity has no upside. A negative attitude eliminates your ability to generate success; it destroys your belief that something is possible and with it, your resourcefulness. If you listen to yourself carefully, you will quickly realize how much time you spend complaining, even when you are only complaining to yourself.
  • Scarcity: There is no scarcity in the universe. The scarcity you perceive is because resources aren’t distributed equally across the planet or across segments of the population. Allowing yourself to perceive scarcity prevents you from recognizing the options and opportunities available to you.
  • Fear: Fear immobilizes you. It prevents you from taking action. Fear is a fog. It prevents you from perceiving the real danger, the danger of not doing what you need to do, what you are here for.
  • Worrying about things outside your control: The time you spend worrying about things outside your control distracts you from taking care of the things that are within your control. It’s easy to get wrapped around the axle, spending your limited time and energy where this is to return.
  • Being Infected: Your mind is under constant assault from ideas that would infect you with negativity, scarcity, fear, and distractions. An awareness of that those infections exist, and knowing who the carriers are allows you to reject those infections.

What You Must Embrace

  • Optimism: Optimism is the¬†belief that, over time, you can succeed, and that things get better. A positive mental attitude creates possibilities. A positive attitude is its own reward, but more than that, positive beliefs tend to manifest and become positive results.
  • Abundance: There are more opportunities available to you than you could take advantage of in two lifetimes. When you see that you are surrounded by abundance, you see opportunities, possibilities, and options.
  • Courage: Courage is the ability to feel fear and act in spite of it. Much of what you want to accomplish comes with a fair bit of risk, and courage is what is necessary to step through your fears.
  • Focus on things within your control: You produce success when you focus on the things that are within your control. You do more to generate results by focusing where you have control and where you can make a difference.
  • Leaving people better than you found them: Infect people with positive beliefs and positive actions. Help them create a greater vision for themselves and help them to see possibilities. Make them feel special, important. Spread your positive infections.

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