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Many people hate sales because they don’t understand that it’s not about getting money from people, it’s about serving them. Today’s episode is a gem among gems because it features the incomparable Bob Burg. Bob is a legend in the sales, leadership, and marketing world for his many books and lectures on the topic of serving people through sales. Anthony’s questions today set the stage for Bob’s great answers and you’re the one who’s going to benefit, so make sure you set aside plenty of time to listen to this engaging conversation that’s full of Bob’s incredible stories.

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The real difference between a leader and a Go-Giver leader.

Bob Burg’s most recent book, “The Go Giver” is quickly becoming a legend in the sales realm just like its author, simply because it’s a fable-like unpacking of principles that every person needs to know. In it Bob shows that the difference between an ordinary leader and one who follows the principles of being a Go-giver is that the Go-giver is all about serving the people he encounters, be they customers, potential clients, or the employees that he leads and works with daily. You’re going to love Bob’s wit and clear admonition toward greatness on this episode. It will encourage YOU to become more of a Go-giver yourself.

Influence and persuasion is so much more powerful than force.

But many modern day leaders don’t understand that fact. Force is an outgrowth of positional leadership and nothing more. Subordinates obey because they have to – or else. But for a Go-Giver leader the main tool in the toolbox is influence and persuasion. They are such powerful tools to use because they flow out of the integrity of the leader and the genuine care he has for the people he meets. On this episode of In the Arena Bob Burg goes into the details of what that means and highlights the areas of work and life that you can refine in order to become the kind of leader who is able to lead by influence and persuasion, not force.

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5 Qualities of a Go-Giver

In Bob Burg’s landmark book, “The Go-Giver” he outlines 5 qualities that every Go-giver has that enables him/her to lead in a very uncommon and effective way. The 5 qualities are: True vision, an eye toward building people, standing for something, and two others. In this conversation you get to hear Bob himself explain and illustrate each of these powerful qualities and give some practical tips on how you can foster these in your own character. This conversation is like a coaching call with one of the best, so be sure you listen.

Money is only a by-product of serving people.

Focusing on money makes earning money incredibly hard. That’s why most sales professionals struggle from commission check to commission check with little joy in their work. Bob Burg knows the difference and on this episode of In the Arena he tells the story of how he came to understand that money cannot be the target in any sales career. The target is helping or serving people and money is the reward. Keeping that straight is the most direct path to sales success. On this episode unloads a handful of insightful of one-liners on this topic that each have a powerful punch to them. You’re going to love it.

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Outline of this great episode

  • An introduction to Bob Burg.
  • Bob’s book, “The Go Giver” and how it’s helped the sales community.
  • The difference between a leader and a “go giver” leader.
  • Why persuasion is so much more powerful than force.
  • 5 things that make a Go-giver.
  • What is true vision and how do you hold it well?
  • What it really means to build people.
  • Turning employees into leaders in their own right.
  • Standing for something – and what it means for leaders.
  • How Bob’s Dad embodied being a “go giver” for him.
  • When Bob bought Zig Ziglar’s cassette tapes and how it changes his life.
  • Why are people so slow to learn and apply what is true?
  • What Bob is reading right now.
  • The most important book Bob has ever read.
  • The biggest influencers in Bob’s life story.
  • How money is a by-product of serving people.
  • The most important Bob has learned in life.
  • What job would Bob like to do if he weren’t writing and speaking?
  • What Bob hopes to be remembered for.

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