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We are all familiar with how brainstorming brings random people together to create long lists, of any and every idea. We let our brains rumble in hopes of finding the most brilliant plan hiding within the collaborative explosion of thought. Today, we hear from Tim Sanders about a better idea: dealstorming. Tim’s new book, Dealstorming, gives away the secret weapon to solve your toughest challenges. He combines innovation with the process of closing deals. Closing deals, especially in a niche can leave you in danger of losing that category. You need an app or a weapon. Dealstorming helps you win. How do you find your yes in those big deals? Dealstorming. Big deals are the ultimate barrier to your entry, so tune in to learn how to approach deals more effectively on this episode of In the Arena.  

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Taking control of the complexity of sales

Tim Sanders knows that sales complexity is completely out of hand. In this day, we are selling technology, not solutions. To Tim, the process can be approached more like a GPS than a linear equation. Do you want to find direction in sales? The sales process is not keeping up with stakeholders, especially as customers do their own research and part of a deal is spending time un-teaching them. Tim has developed a process and philosophy of teamwork and sales. He addresses the fear of risk and the resistance to change, even when change is necessary. As salespeople, we get stuck thinking there is a single course of action.The problem is that sales innovation, at the deal level, is important. Your biggest competitor is the status quo. Change is hard to sell. Buyers are winning. Tim wants to help you change the game and restructure your approach through dealstorming.

The necessary incubation period

Many meetings consist of idea-spouting without any real time to mull over the issue or any issues behind the issue. Today, we hear how Tim puts the process together with innovation. His idea? Get your stakeholders briefed on an opportunity, the problem, and give them an assignment. Debate the real problem and root problem. Nominate solutions. Find finalists and choose the next best play. Distribute the work and go forward. This respects everyone’s time. But the key is the incubation period prior to the meeting. The prepared mind can create and collaborate. Tim offers insight to get everyone to read the deal brief and participate in the incubation. Use your people and their resources. Humans are resourceful. Give them time to connect the stories in their heads. Don’t ask people to come to a meeting, ask them to join a cause. Get creative in your approaches alongside Time on today’s episode.

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Creating cross-collaboration and custom solutions

Many sales teams fear cross-collaboration and the land of “no” and “slow.” But Tim Sander’s teamwork philosophy and approach to dealstorming meetings bring assignments and incubated ideas to the table. Sales teams might think that building a team and trying to reach consensus takes time, but what really takes time is continually trying something that is not working until you run out of chances with accounts. When leading a dealstorm, consensus is not about agreeing, but about being able to live with the next big play. The research conducted prior to meeting with a client allows for custom solutions.The best speech Tim Sanders ever gave was long before he became a professional speaker and author. He talked about the importance and strategy of conducting research before a sales call. He spoke about how to prepare for a meeting and research your client’s business. Tim is founded on and familiar with the steps before the steps. Listen is as he translates that idea into dealstorming.

Buckets of problems

Today, Tim Sanders provides a gameplan to eliminate the “whack-a-mole” approach to solving sales problems. He talks through the strategy of categorizing different problems into buckets. You start with the current problem and work backwards. You are able to see how heavy the various problems are and adjust the heaviest one first. Tim wants you to prioritize the problems you should be solving. Change the debate and find the problem behind the problem to make a difference, seal a deal, and change the way you succeed in sales. Join us today.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Introduction of today’s guest Tim Sanders
  • Best speech he has ever done.
  • Tim’s book Dealstorming
  • Why salespeople get stuck thinking they have one choice
  • The process more like a GPS than linear.
  • Strategic loss and high stakes.
  • Cross-collaboration and the land of “No.”
  • The definition of consensus
  • The difference between Brainstorming and Dealstorming
  • An action step through a parce.
  • Timsanders.com/dealstorming Templates available
  • How to acuate resourcefulness and creativity
  • Big buckets of constraints
  • Prioritizing problems and problems behind the problems.
  • Why you need to read Dealstorming.
  • Lightning storm of closing questions for Tim Sanders.

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