The Hustler’s Playbook: Hustlers Dwell On Their Future

Your dwelling is the place where you live. Hustlers dwell in their future. Non-hustlers dwell in their past.

A hustler doesn’t allow their past define them.

Being born into humble circumstances only fuels the hustler to escape. Being born into privilege only provides a hustler with a head start and the responsibility to hustle to deserve they were given. The hustler doesn’t dwell on where they started.

Hustlers don’t allow their past mistakes to define them either. They don’t dwell on their failures. They learn from their failures and mistakes, but they don’t agonize over them. They don’t replay their missteps over and over in their mind, living there instead of their future.

Non-hustlers define themselves by their past. They live there.

The non-hustler believes that being born into poor circumstances somehow prevents them from ever escaping to something better. They stay there. Other non-hustlers are born with so much of a head start—and so little adversity—that they aren’t motivated to do anything. Or be anything. They dwell on a past event that was merely chance.

Other non-hustler types believe that they can’t outrun their past. They believe that they are defined by their mistakes and their past failures. They dwell on the past, and in their minds, they live in the past. Even though the past is just pictures and movies.

Hustlers dwell on the future. They take the actions that move them towards that future. Hustlers aren’t haunted by their past, and they don’t believe it holds any power over their future.

Your mindset is the foundation of all the results you produce in your life—and all that you fail to produce. It’s the difference between success or failure, happiness or misery.

It matters where you dwell. Dwelling in the future provides you a powerful vision that pulls you forward. Dwelling on the past pulls you under and drowns you in cold, dark water. Hustlers dwell on their future.

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