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Today’s guest, Gerhard Gschwandtner, is on a mindset mission. He wants to rid you of the parts of your thinking that hold you back. Gerhard has been through trials in life, including overcoming cancer twice. He viewed these battles as opportunities to grow and recover. Gerhard wants to do better at life, all the time and not let anything get him down. He believes growth and success begin with your mind. After interviewing countless successful people, he found that the one thing they all had in common was a positive mindset. The average person’s mindset is in automatic mode. When faced with adversity or pressure, their operating system does not work very well. This creates a frozen, or fixed, state. Is your mindset stuck? Tune in today to learn how to think without limits, talk back to your negative thoughts and become better at creating a more positive disposition. Thinking is a choice, as explained on this episode of In the Arena.

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Stop watering the weeds

Gerhard pictures mindset as a pyramid made up of three parts. The implanted part of the mindset represents all the things you learned from your parents and habits you developed. Not all of that mindset is useful to you as you grow up. Gerhard thinks of your experiences like a garden: water the flowers and stop watering the weeds. Better yet, uproot them. The imprinted part of the mindset comes from people or ideas that left an impression on you. You’ve absorbed and integrated their ideas into your way of thinking. These can be welcomed in or maybe guarded against. Gerhard’s last part of the mindset is the inspired piece. This is the inner voice, telling you what you are good at and speaking about your giftedness. Listen in as Gerhard helps identify your pyramid and find ways to move from a frozen or negative mindset to one of positivity and growth.

Not so simple

Today we hear about the power of positive thinking, but Gerhard Gschwandtner warns that creating real change is not so simple. The brain is a very complex organism and belief systems built up over years are not quick to adjust. Your performance could be blocked by a tough situation that connects to something such as disapproval from your parents when you were young. This can cause a paralyzing vulnerability leaving you stuck. Listen in to Gerhard to build behavioral strengths and prime yourself for performance. Find out how to eliminate negative thinking and your critical self. Visualize success position yourself for victory. Gerhard has examples of negative thinking avalanches that people have taken control of and enhanced their performance, both on sports fields, in a relationships, and in business. Can you imagine your own success? Start today with the power of your own mind.

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Overcoming Obstacles

Adversity is a guaranteed daily encounter. Are you prepared to master your thoughts and reactions to adversity? If you want to be successful, Gerhard has a mindset model of commitments for you. Commit to success with a clear goal, leeway with the frustrations, and a focus on your dreams of accomplishing the extraordinary. Commit to others. Are you collaborating and finding the support of others? Commit to yourself. Create a positive outlook in everything you do and use all the creativity you have to overcome obstacles. It is a real challenge to change your thought process, especially if you grew up in a negative environment. Learn how to understand how your belief system is shaped. The way you talk to yourself creates feelings that lead to behaviors. Are you allowing somebody else’s voice to take over your operating system? Challenge your past experiences with positive self talk. Commit today to being the one who determine what you think. Make the choice.

Grace under pressure in sales

Are you ready to explode your confidence in sales? Learn how to think without limits and remove the obstacles preventing breakthrough. When you encounter a customer who does not want to buy from you, you might think you are no good which produces negative self talk, which leads to feelings, and behavior. It is time to reverse it and create a positive belief system. The customer has a right to reject the sale, but they cannot reject you. Gerhard teaches people how their operating systems work during automatic mode and pressure mode. If you know what is happening to you, you can better manage situations and control your reactions. What do you want your results to be? Change your forecast to breakthrough your limitations. Small goals and small visions equal small results. You can think bigger.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Background of today’s guest, Gerhard Gschwandtner, and his mindset mission.
  • Introduction of Gerhard Gschwandtner.
  • What is mindset and why is critical for success?
  • Breaking down the complexity of the brain.
  • Research and statistics of negative versus positive thoughts.
  • A mindset model with commitments to success, others, and self.
  • Committing to your health.
  • How to deal with growing up in a negative environment.
  • Thinking is a choice that we make.
  • How Gerhard teaches and trains salespeople.
  • Assume the victory position!
  • Details about training and train-the-trainer sessions.
  • How Gerhard changed his own mindset.

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