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Today’s guest, Brian Tracy, knows the difference between true balance, and false balance. This hot subject is really a question of values. What do you really value? What is at the top of your priority list? Finding true balance begins with examining how your values are ranked. Brian advises being very clear about your values and organizing your life around them, without compromise. Are you in a state of false balance? False balance, according to Brian, is doing everything possible to conform to what you think you are supposed to be doing, with no happiness. Sit back and listen in to Brian’s advice about goal setting and creating a vision to prioritize your life and optimize your achievement. Most people do not take the time to even consider their values. But smart people and smart companies think it through and adjust as necessary. Get smart today and get In the Arena.

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Go beyond “sweetheart” values

The way you prioritize your values determines everything in your life. Common “sweetheart” values that easily come to mind include love, family, integrity, etc. But, think about how you actually live. Brian Tracy shows you how to discover what you really believe. How did you react the last time you were under pressure? It might reveal what you really think about yourself. Listen in to begin figuring out your basic values. Is it health? Or maybe career success? Or freedom? Can you rank your values, when push comes to shove? Two people might have the same top three values, but how they are ranked will create totally different reactions and totally different people. Do you like what your values say about your life? Are you able to keep your top values on top, even under pressure? Listen in as Brian helps you break free and shift your values.

Do you feel like a winner?

A huge piece of finding balance is keeping your beliefs in check. Most people do not have any belief in themselves or their worth. Do you look in the mirror and like what you see? So many people have trouble accepting themselves because of early childhood experiences. Brian Tracy speaks to the destructive criticism that destroys any attempts at creating balance. Are you walking wounded? Have you received enough criticism to cripple you? If you do not feel like a winner, you are not going to act like a winner. If you do not think you deserve good things, you will not pursue good things. Or maybe you are already successful, but are doubting yourself, just waiting for it to be taken away. Do you have a nagging feeling that you do not deserve your own success? Brian is here to change your beliefs and the message you are sending yourself. It is time to drive home positive self-talk. It is time to like yourself.

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Overcoming criticism

How is your mental fitness? Brian Tracy’s own transformation from a false balance, no self esteem, and small goals will inspire and challenge you. When you set and achieve a goal, it makes you feel like a winner. Results, success, and positive feedback start to shift your perception. Goals are reached after adversity is overcome. One big piece of adversity is yourself. Do you think you are undeserving of success? Are you hung up on the approval of others? Whatever your obstacles, you can overcome them. Brian shares a hurdle in his own marriage of how criticism can poison and damage. Overcome the criticism and negative talk, whether from others or from yourself, to realign yourself and find true balance.

Enlarge your vision of success

You might be worried about simply surviving. Or you might be consumed with ensuring your own security, either emotionally or financially. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of thinking determines what goals you are capable of setting. Today, Brian Tracy wants to enlarge your vision of success. Many people have trouble setting goals, which ultimately causes difficulty in achieving balance. Speaking to entrepreneurs, Brian knows that, “Once you have tasted Paris, you cannot go back to the farm.” It is the same when you aim high, you will enlarge your vision of success. Dream small, and you’ll achieve small. Get in the arena today and dream big to achieve big.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Who is Brian Tracy and what is he all about?
  • Starting the conversation with Brian Tracy.
  • What is true balance? And what is false balance?
  • Ranking your values.
  • Breaking free and shifting values.
  • Addressing self esteem and liking yourself.
  • What caused Brian to change and begin liking himself.
  • Overcoming the obstacles of negative emotions.
  • A story about criticism from Brian’s own marriage.
  • Enlarging your vision of success.
  • “Once you’ve been to Paris, you can never go back to the farm.”
  • Brian’s writing resume and goals for future books.
  • A few words about Brian’s new book, “Find Your Balance Point.”

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