Your Dream Client Doesn’t Need a Pen Pal

Back in the very old days, young people were encouraged to have pen pals. A young student might write to a person in some far away place to develop a relationship and get to learn about that person, often a person from another country where the cultural norms might be different. Back then, the costs of communicating via telephone were higher than they are now.

But you weren’t hired to find pen pals. You weren’t hired to write to people in hopes that they write you back. You were hired to learn about the other person, to develop a relationship, and then create opportunities to create value for that person.

Now, the cost of communicating by telephone is essentially free. The cost of an email is the same, with the exception that communicating by email instead of the telephone isn’t effective, it demonstrates that you believe you have no real value to offer, and that you are afraid to engage with your dream client.

Unsolicited emails are no better than unsolicited phone calls. “Spam” is not a term of endearment. You believe you are doing less damage with email, when it fact you are hurting yourself.

The most important conversations you need to have with your dream clients are best held face-to-face. If that’s not possible, then video conference is second best. Neither of those are good options for you when you prospect, making the telephone your next best choice.

The cost of communicating a lack of confidence is more than you can afford. The price you pay for being perceived as lacking the chops to create value is even higher.

@rachelleoumiller from PipelinerCRM retweeted my post on the 15 things I would train salespeople to do instead of teaching them social selling. A young man from across pond replied that he believes that cold calling is “both demoralizing and woefully ineffective.” @salesgravy (Jeb Blount) tweeted that “being broke is even more demoralizing–and that is why we dial.”

You don’t need pen pals. You need clients.

And you think cold calling is old school.

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