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Give Them Confidence (A Note to the Sales Manager)

You are responsible for the salesperson you are providing your clients. When you hire, you can easily believe your are hiring for your company, but you’re really hiring for your clients and prospects.

The salesperson you put in front of your client needs to create value for them.

Your success as a sales leader depends upon the success of the individual salespeople that make up your team. Sending out salespeople who lack the confidence to sell breeds a lack of confidence in your clients and prospects. Send them out with the confidence to succeed and to produce that confidence in your clients and prospects.

Give Them Training

Your salespeople gain confidence when you train them to create value for your clients.

When you look at the best organizations in the world you find the best training programs in the world. This is true of sports teams, military organizations, orchestras, ballets, rock bands, and some companies. The best organizations in the world are well rehearsed. They study. They’re continually improving their skills and constantly receiving feedback.

What do your salespeople need trained in to be confident in their ability to create value for your clients? What skills do they need for your clients to be confident in their ability to help them make the buying decision they’re making?

Training improves confidence. You know where you are. You know your part. You know what you are supposed to be doing to achieve the outcomes you need. To your clients and prospects, this looks like confidence and competence.

Prepare Them to Create Value

There is no reason to allow your sales force to make sales calls without planning for that call. Unprepared salespeople don’t create value; they’re just nice guests.

It’s easy to get trapped in spending time evaluating territory plans, reviewing pipelines, and strategizing on opportunities. But the moment of truth for sales organization occurs when the salesperson sits down across from their client or prospect. They either create enough value to deserve the next commitment or they don’t.

A good sales call plan takes into account what the buyer needs from the sales call, what the salesperson needs from the call, and the outcomes both need in order to move forward. Knowing where you are and where you are going improves confidence, and it’ sales mistake to believe the buyer has a process (much of the time they want to be led).

If the client isn’t confident in the salesperson’s ability to help them, they aren’t going to agree to move forward. If the salesperson isn’t confident about how to create that value, neither the salesperson nor the client are going to be confident moving forward together.

Your clients and prospects expect a well trained, well prepared, confident, value creating salesperson. This gives them the confidence to say yes.

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  • Barbara Mckinney

    I agree with you,its crucial to train them first before we let them work in the real world. We must also have to choose the right person for this position because they are the one who represents our company’s image.

  • Dan Duong


    This is something I grapple with often. I believe in sales training and I have set up a training platform that goes through the art of the sale and the science behind it. I built a sales process with defined stages (rapport, probing, value proposition, close etc.) that I train all of my new hires on. We have competitive analysis training so that everyone sells within our “value wedge” and doesn’t sell on features and what our competitors do well.

    My concern is that all of this training and process makes our reps a little bit rigid during sales calls b/c they are overly conscious of each step of the sale that they are in. Do you have this experience as well?

  • David A Specht

    Many times. we are so eager to get “boots on the ground” that we fail to properly prepare those boots. Small sales teams often train via “trial by fire” and wonder why their team members develop bad habits.

    If you don’t have the time to train your newest team members internally, then use outside training options. There are plenty of people and resources (webinars, videos, etc) to make it happen.

  • Cliff Pollan

    An easy way to help the sales person build confidence is to have them read the best content coming from marketing. Not the product stuff, but the “thought-ware” they are creating or “curating” from other people. This includes lots of insights into what is on the mind of the buyer and influencers.

    Also, Identify the top blogs for them to read so they can be in the flow of what is being talked about in their industry. If they read these blogs and stay current on what the company is writing about they will be armed for sharing insights with their client.