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Your Pre-Sales Call Ritual

I have been thinking a lot about energy. Enthusiasm is contagious. A lack of enthusiasm can come across as a lack of interest. It can sometimes make you look dispassionate. In an attempt to appear “professional,” we can come across as uninteresting and boring. This is no way to make sales calls.

You need to prepare for your sales performance. This isn’t sales call planning that I am writing about here, that’s something else altogether. I mean you need to prepare yourself to deliver the right energy.

Step One: Get Up!

The first step to getting into the proper state for a sales call (hereinafter, sales performance) is to get up. You need to get your physical and your emotional state right. Are you standing tall, centered, and confident? Are you full of energy? What do you want your physical appearance to look like to your client? Is that what you are giving off?

How do you get yourself up for your sales performance? You have to put yourself in the right state. First you change your physical posture. You can listen to music that gets you pumped up. You can pump your fist in the air. I don’t know what you ritual might be, but I suspect you know what you need change about your physicality to be at your passionate best. Do that.

One simple way to give off the right physical energy and maintain a better state is to smile. A smile is completely disarming, and it shows an incredible confidence. It’s hard not to engage with someone that is smiling at you. A smile is good energy.

Step Two: Get Into It!

You also have to get yourself up mentally. If you are going to be engaged with your dream client, you need to give them your full and undivided attention. You have to make your dream client your sole focus.

Have you ever seen anyone gifted at giving someone their full attention? I have met a number of people who, despite being in a crowded room, could give you their undivided attention, never looking up to see who else was there. It’s a powerful state to be able to command, and it has an incredible impact on others.

If you are thinking about your last sales call, thinking about the argument you had with your sales manager, or thinking about anything that takes your attention, your mental state is not going to allow you perform at your best.

Before you walk into a sales call, leave everything in the car. Clear your mind. Focus on your dream client. Focus on your performance. Who do you want your dream client to see?

Here is one idea how you might get there.

Remind Yourself of What You Are

I know a salesperson that has a ritual that includes reminding themselves of who they are and what they do. They recount in their minds all of the clients that they have helped in the past. They review all of the major problems that they have solved for their clients, and all of the value creating that they have done. It’s an impressive list. And he never mentions the list to his prospective client. He uses it to remind himself and to put himself in a value creating state.

Who are you and how are you going to show that to your dream client?


What’s your pre-sales call energy ritual?

How do you get yourself into the physical state where you portray the energy and the passion you need?

Do you believe your dream client is going to be passionate and enthusiastic when you are not?

How do you prepare yourself to focus on your dream client?

How do you want to be perceived by your dream client? What energy do you need to give off? What state do you need to maintain?

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  • Ricardo Bueno

    I stand up and walk around when I’m on a call. It keeps my energy level high. If I’m sitting down, I’m likely to try and multi-task and do other things which means I’m not fully committed to the call and that never works out well. 

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      Agreed! Multi-tasking is a recipe for doing poor work. 


  • Charlie Green


    Serious question. I agree that it’s good to be positive,confident, focused, positive, smiling. 

    At the same time, I suspect you would agree it’s also good to be ready to listen, engage, collaborate, subordinate your ego, hear the real issues, etc. 

    I generally tend to focus on the latter list, which means I focus more on clearing my head, listening to quiet music (if any), getting rid of nervous jitters and generally getting ready to pay 100% attention to the person in front of me.

    Those feel like somewhat different, opposed warm-up rituals.  Do you also feel the tension between those two, seemingly both desirable, goals?  How do you think about reconciling them?  

    I’m genuinely curious to get your take on this. (Also pumped up to hear your answer, I should add!)

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      I am positive and confident. But I have noticed lately that I need to improve on displaying my enthusiasm and passion. I am too low key. I need to smile more, too. 

      On the other hand, I have been told a number of times recently that I have a gift for giving someone my full attention. That’s a high compliment in my book, and a gift I have always wanted to have. 

      Reading your comment reminds me of how diametrically opposed are these two states. Or maybe it’s just you and me? Maybe you can be energetic, smiling, and still give someone your full attention? 

      • Charlie Green

        You know, now that you put it that way – as being “diametrically opposed”– maybe you’re right, they don’t have to be.  There ought to be a way to be high energy and still able to channel and focus that energy heavily on the customer. 
        Hmmm…a good thought…