The Two Kinds of Tomorrows

There are two beliefs about tomorrows.

The tomorrow that most people believe in is the tomorrow where they are different than they are today.

In that tomorrow, these people are going to be the kind of person that keeps the commitments that they make to themselves. They are going to be much stronger tomorrow than they are today, and they will have greater willpower. In that tomorrow, they will longer need to be comfortable and they will consistently take the actions that today they avoid. But when tomorrow arrives, these folks find that they haven’t changed much. They hope that the next tomorrow will be better.

The second kind of beliefs about tomorrow is different. The folks that believe in this tomorrow arrive there different than they are today. They are much stronger, having done the work they needed to do today in order to produce a better version of themselves for tomorrow. By exercising their willpower today, they increased it, and their capacity grows from day to day. The people who work for this kind of tomorrow sacrifice comfort today for the results that they need tomorrow. By never procrastinating and doing instead what is necessary today, the people who believe in this kind tomorrow arrive there to find themselves transformed.

You can very easily run out of days to do the things that you most want to do.

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