It Isn’t Supposed to Be Easy

If reaching your goals were easy, you wouldn’t appreciate the struggle.

If it were easy to reach your goals, there would be no reason to chase them. They wouldn’t be goals; they’d just be something that you do.

If it were easy to accomplish something worthwhile, then everyone would be doing the same. There wouldn’t be anything special about the accomplishment.

The fact that your goals stretch you, that they force you out of your comfort zone, that makes them worth experiencing. It’s these experiences that cause you to grow, to exceed your current boundaries and limits and become something more.

Even when you fail to reach your goal, you get the satisfaction of the struggle. You get to push against the way things are. You’re reminded that you are acting on the world; it’s not acting on you. Accomplishing the goal isn’t the thing anyway; it’s what you become through the struggle. It’s the rough and tumble parts when you feel like you are making no progress where you grow.

Remember, the struggle is not supposed to be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

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