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The Price You Pay for Success

Want to know what stops you from succeeding: comfort. Not the lack of pain or suffering. Just a lack of a real discomfort.

The remedy is discipline. Discipline is a willingness to be in a state of discomfort now so that you can have something of greater value later.

The price you pay for success is:

  1. Waking up earlier than you want to (and earlier than most people would find reasonable). Your bed is warm, safe, and comfortable. You want to stay, but success begins when your feet hit the floor.
  2. Going to bed later than you want to. The bed is calling your name. But the meaningful work only gets done when you don’t stay awake and do it.
  3. Not eating whatever you want or whenever you want. You can probably eat as much as you want with no ill effects. You can’t, however, eat whatever you want or whenever you want. A little hunger pain is a good reminder.
  4. Exercising your body when you would rather not. The bed is still warm. It’s pure comfort. But you have to make yourself physically uncomfortable if you want the energy and vitality you need.
  5. Reading instead of watching television, YouTube, Hulu, or Netflix. Television, even its new forms of delivery, is a form of escape. Watching a little is okay. Watching a lot is allowing success to escape your grasp. Reading is exercising the mind, even when the content allows you to escape.
  6. Saving money instead of spending it. Saying no to small comforts and trivial distractions now means having a much greater level of comfort later. You are going to live a lot longer than you suspect.
  7. Making your calls instead of engaging with more interesting distractions. You are every day confronted with endless distractions. Making your calls isn’t as interesting or fun as many of these distractions. The distractions are destructive, destroying your ability to produce the results of which you are capable. Making your calls (or whatever work it is you are avoiding in order to be comfortable) is where you will find success waiting for you.
  8. Listening instead of talking. We love the sound of our own voice. But you don’t learn anything and you don’t make deposits in relationships when you are talking. Speaking is serving your need to be heard. Listening is serving someone else’s need to be heard, to be acknowledged, to be thought of us important. Be uncomfortable and be silent.
  9. Putting relationships above transactions. The speed of everything is increasing. We are more and more compressing time and finding a way to make transactions faster. Relationships are destroyed when you treat people like transactions. Go slow even when it makes you uncomfortable.
  10. Giving more than you take. You are going to measure your success by the contribution you made to others. Taking, having, acquiring is about your comfort now. Giving is about your legacy. Your future regrets won’t have anything to with what you didn’t have. Your future regrets will be about what you didn’t give. Give it away.
  11. Being brave enough to admit that you are wrong and strong enough to change. It’s uncomfortable to admit when you are wrong. It can bruise your ego. It can also repair damaged relationships. It’s worth the discomfort of admitting you are wrong to regain a relationship. It’s worth it to exert the necessary emotional energy to change.

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  • Mike Rudd

    Love it Anthony! I’m working on a 30 Day Action Plan Marketing Fun With Mike Blueprint to help become more efficient and my wife said to me it should be two steps: 1) Be Organized 2) Do Stuff when you don’t want to.

    Haha! Sometimes the easiest road to success and a fulfilling life is sitting right in front of us but we find numerous ways and reasons to put off getting there. Keep up the great stuff man!

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      Two darn good steps, brother!

  • entrepreneur333

    Good stuff. Reminds me of “kaizen”

  • Julie Dawn Harris

    It relates so much to me Anthony in my past attitude. But for now, I knew that being a lazy person is nothing to do with me. Don’t expect that you will become a successful if you have that kind of attitude. Success takes hard work. Being determined with your goals in life is relevant to us because without that we know that we can’t be a prosperous one. Thanks for this. It’s not too late to change your mindset. Set everything for good and you’ll see the changes in your life.