The Real Story Goes Unreported

Your attitude is important. You have to protect yourself from negativity, lest you become infected.

If you turned on the news today, you heard divisive political stories, frightening news about the spread of a dangerous virus, the horrors of war, an earthquake, and problems on the United States border. If you looked at some stories that didn’t make the top of the fold, you’d have likely found a story that the Sun’s activity didn’t damage Earth, even though it might have.

If this is your picture of your world, day after day, year after year, how could you not be infected with negativity?

But a lot of things went unreported today.

It’s Getting Better All the Time

Today, someone fell in love. Someone got married. Someone had a baby. All over the world, lots of someones had these experiences.

Someone got their first job. Someone was promoted. Someone started a business. Lots of someones had incredible work experiences today.

Someone tried ice cream for the very first time. Someone (the little devil helping me with this list) had (still warm) Krispy Kreme donuts.

Someone took their first step. Someone met their best friend for life for the first time. Someone made a difference for someone who has no ability to ever repay them.

Someone moved into their first home. Someone left home and struck out on their own. And someone finally came home.

Someone sat next to someone’s hospital bed and held their hand. Someone discovered a new treatment. Someone saved a life. Someone had their life saved. Lots of people made a difference for someone else today.

Someone got a call from a long, lost friend. Someone got a second chance. Someone forgave someone, and someone forgave themselves.

The world has been spinning out of control since it started spinning. It’s true that you live on a planet where a lot of bad things happen, but where even more good things happen. Your world is what you focus on most of the time. When you see these incredible stories of pain and suffering, remember this is a small part of the story. The real story goes unreported.

You get to write your own story. What story are you going to tell?

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