When Was the Last Time You . . .

When was the last time you met with a brand new prospect face-to-face? Was it more than 7 days ago?

When was the last time you called one of your dream clients to schedule a face-to-face meeting? Was that call made more than 48 hours ago?

When was the last time you nurtured one or more of your dream clients by sharing some insight with them and what medium did you use to share it? Did you do this more than 72 hours ago?

How many days has it been since you developed a new opportunity within one of your existing client accounts? Has it been more than 14 days?

What was the date of the last face-to-face client review meeting you had with a key account to make changes to how you do business together to to share a new idea? Was it more than 30 days ago?

Be honest. When was the last time you spent an entire day prospecting and doing nothing else? It was more than 60 days ago, wasn’t it? Was it more than 600 days ago?

How many days this week have you done the most important task you needed to do before you opened your email inbox? Have you done this? Ever?

When did you last visit with the end-user stakeholders inside a key account to get their view of how you are doing and to discover the new challenges they are having producing results? When was the last time you got their feedback on how you’re doing? Not more than 90 days, I hope.

What was the last action you have taken to massively improve yourself personally and professionally? In this disruptive age, this number can’t exceed 24 hours.

What was the last book you read cover to cover? What was the first action you took as a result of what you learned? No less than a book a month, and even fiction counts.

The last time you turned off your smartphone during dinner? A couple times a week minimum.

Time is fleeting. Time is not on your side. Absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder. Absence makes the heart go wander.

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