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It’s Just a Phone Call

The reason you are negative on cold calling is not because it doesn’t work.

You are negative on cold calling because you are afraid to engage with people directly, you fear rejection, you aren’t confident in what you are going to say, you don’t know what you want out of the conversation, you’re not sure how to create value, you’re petrified of asking for the commitments you need, you want people to like you, it makes you feel bad about yourself, you’d prefer to be rejected in some other way, you believe that somehow your emailed requests are less offensive (even though they betray your fears and your lack of confidence), you think it’s more effective to hang around and wait for your clients to raise their hand and ask for your help, you believe the lie that your dream clients spend all of their time researching potential partners, you don’t know that no one makes calls without doing research first, you don’t understand that it’s only one part of larger campaign, you aren’t in sales and never have been, and you don’t carry a quota.

It’s just a phone call. You’re just asking for an appointment. You’re only trying to help your dream client produce better results.

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  • Stephen Lahey

    Cold calling is like fishing. Most people find it tedious and will never understand why you do it. They think you’re just lucky when you reel in the “big one”. What they don’t get is the years of practice and the knowledge-base that goes into making the big catch possible.

    • S. Anthony Iannarino

      Don’t you just drop your line in the water with nothing on the hook and pull out a fish?

      • Stephen Lahey


      • Dennis

        Although the guy with the unbaited hook in the water has a better shot than the guy sitting at home reading fishing magazines.

      • S. Anthony Iannarino

        Truer words never spoken. It’s action that makes the difference.

  • Ian Adams

    Anthony –

    Good breakdown of cold calling. Fundamentally, any one can grasp this. Not every one will change their own state of mind to realize the benefits of it.