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Today’s guest, John Spence, is an avid reader, researcher, and writer. John has worked in many high level positions, acting as owner or CEO for numerous companies. He is passionate about passing on insight he’s learned along the way. John began pouring over business books early in his career when he realized he needed to know more to do the job he was hired for. All his reading inspired John to eliminate the fluff as he began writing his own material, developing a successful presence and platform with e-books. John built his career from finding patterns in business. Tune in today and learn to identify patterns for your own growth and success.The ROI on John’s advice and experience is worth a listen, on this episode of In the Arena.

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Flawless fundamentals

John Spence developed an equation for success that starts with the fundamentals. In John’s experience, without these fundamentals, there is no success. Six key factors discussed in today’s episode, as well as in John’s books, include vision, best people, robust communication, a sense of urgency, disciplined execution, and extreme customer focus. John starts simple, but breaks the formula down even further for business specific success. Do you have the talent, plus an extreme customer focus? One without the other does not add up in the equation for success. Are you bringing something unique, interesting and valuable to your customers? But are you executing it well? Learn how to do the fundamentals flawlessly, with John Spence.

Kindle coaching

Reading John Spence’s books is like having a consultant in your living room. His short e-books provide coaching at your own convenience. One book, Letters to a CEO, is filled with actual letters to John’s real clients. When a client asks for advice, John does not immediately dish it out. He looks through his resources and sends them a letter in preparation to discuss matters later. These letters offer real and researched advice these CEO’s used and found helpful. New leaders can read these letters and decide what applies to their current situations. John tackles problem efficiently and dives in deep, for the price of e-book. Hear from John today!

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Define success for yourself

Success is often defined by ideas and experiences from one’s culture, family, and surroundings. So, how do you define it for yourself? John Spence’s book, Strategies for Success, moves past the picture of money, fame and power as marks of success. John argues that success is when your self-concept and daily behaviors match your values. When what you value is in harmony with your reality, you are successful. You might be rich, famous, and powerful, or you might not be. But, if you get to be yourself, you are successful. Success has to be value based, because wealth and power might make you miserable or imprisoned by the fear of losing it all. Your definition of success changes as these values change. As we age, our values usually shift. John shares his own shift of values, after losing all his material possessions. How will you define your success?

Brutally honest with yourself

When you are able to be brutally honest with yourself, John Spence says you will find a fulfilled life. Can you define your five core values? How well do you actually live those out? When you picture your life three years from now, are you doing things today to move in that direction? When you are living against your values, or traveling away from your goals, you are not happy or successful. It is time to get courageous and do the hard work to change. John encourages you to find congruence with yourself. Whether you are young and have the desire to change and improve, or if you are finding yourself more and more rigid in your beliefs, give John’s message a listen today, on In the Arena.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Introduction of John Spence.
  • John’s love of books and writing, Awesomely Simple.
  • Six conclusions from John’s book.
  • Talking to leaders about implementation and execution.
  • Patience and focus essential to real progress.
  • Letters to a CEO.
  • John’s message to young entrepreneurs.
  • What does success mean?
  • Hustle and happiness.
  • Becoming brutally honest with yourself.
  • How to stay in touch with John.

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