If You Were An App

If you were an app that your dream client could use to help them with a buying decision, what buttons would you offer?

What’s Missing: The what’s missing button might help your dream client understand how they might do something better. It might help them see what new results are available, or what challenges they might not yet recognize. But for that button to work, you’d have to be able to know what’s missing. You’d need to be able to see it. There’d be some deep intelligence needed behind the scenes.

Options: The options button would help your dream client understand what they might need to produce better results. It would show them what the trade offs are that they might need to make. If your dream client pushed this button, you’d have to have some deep business acumen and situational knowledge to provide those options. You’d have to have seen what works and what doesn’t. You’d have to know what was appropriate and why.

Blow Up the Status Quo: Pushing this button would help your dream client assemble all of the stakeholders whose support they need in order to blow up the status quo. It would reveal their needs, and it would help them make the adjustments that would allow everyone to support their new initiative (or at least stand down and let it move forward).

Make It Work: When pressed, this button would transport you to your client’s site to help them with the problems and challenges they have making your solution work. This button might also be called the “presence” button. For this button to work, you’d be accountable for the results you sold.

Buy: What kind of an app would you be if you didn’t have a “buy” button? You ought to make the “ask” clear, and you ought to make it easy to buy.

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