Insight Selling: What Sales Winners Do Differently with Mike Schultz – Episode #35


You see those sales champions out there, the ones who make record sales and lead the company in breaking sales records. It’s clear they are doing things that others aren’t doing, but what are those things? Today’s guest, Mike Schultz has released a book that dives into the research behind the successful sales pros and has formulated his observations into some clear key points that he calls “Insight Selling.” Be sure to listen to this episode to get Mike’s insights into insight selling and learn how you can up your game.

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Value propositions are not what you thought.

Most salespeople think of their value proposition as the key things their product or service does for their clients or customers. But Mike Schultz says that the things that make up your true value proposition have to do with the true value that you are able to provide to THAT particular customer, and it takes time to get to know what those needs are. Insight selling helps you move into the client’s world and discover the things that make your company of greatest value to them. Find out how to go about the insight selling process, on this episode of In The Arena.

The best way to help sales prospects deal with their fear and risk.

Many salespeople believe that if they bring up the risk or fear related to a purchase, they will lose the sale. But Mike’s research shows that the people who lose the sale are the ones who do NOT bring up the risks and fears the customer faces. Ignoring the real issues the customer is dealing with leaves doubt in their minds as to whether you’re truly interested in helping them, or just getting the sale. Learn how to use the reality of risk to make even more sales, on this episode of In The Arena.

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Honesty about the risk of a purchase can result in repeat sales.

When a salesperson addresses the risks of the customer’s potential purpose head on, trust is built. And when trust is built, a good feeling results in the soul of the customer about the salesperson and the company they represent. The customer feels cared for, that their problems matter to the salesperson, not just the sale. Those are the customers that come back and express loyalty because they appreciate the concern the salesperson has shown for their situation. Learn how to build that kind of trust, on this episode.

The trend toward dismissing the personal relationship in sales is a mistake.

The personal relationships that occur during the sales process are STILL the most powerful component that salespeople need to take care of. It’s those relationships that build things like trust, repeat business, loyalty, and the other things that every sales professional wants. But ironically many sales books and philosophies recently have said that relationships are no longer as important. Find out why those mentalities are completely false and how you can recapture the relationships that will grow your sales portfolio.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Anthony’s introduction of Mike Schultz, today’s guest.
  • What are the underlying foundations for sales organizations?
  • What high performers do differently when it comes to value propositions.
  • Internal and external value discoveries that make sales happen.
  • How can salespeople help prospects deal with fear of risk?
  • Why bringing up the fears of prospects is a good idea.
  • Repeat business through honesty about the difficulties in the sale.
  • A great cause the sales of Mike’s books support.
  • What happens when you dismiss the personal relationships in sales.
  • What does it really mean to understand the buyer’s needs?
  • How you can connect with Mike Schultz.

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