The Last Time We Spoke

I have clients who rely very heavily on text messages. Their children have trained them to use text, and now they use it for business communications. It’s fast when you need to send a quick note and, when you need a quick response, it is better than an email. I send text messages all of the time.

I have some clients who love email. Some of them like it because it allows them to send something more complete than a text, they can do it on their own time (unlike a phone call), and they have a record of the communication. Like almost everyone I know, my inbox overflows with email on a daily basis.

But as convenient as these popular methods of communication are, they aren’t anywhere near as effective as a face-to-face meeting, a video conference, or a telephone call (in that order).

The more important the communication, the more important the choice of medium is.

There is something different being communicated when you schedule a face-to-face meeting. The fact that you are willing to invest your time means that you care enough to be present. There is no substitute for presence, especially when what you are discussing is important.

Look at a list of the contacts within your existing clients.

When was the last time you met face-to-face with the people you consider to be your most valuable relationships?

When was the last time you “spoke” with your client? Texting and emailing don’t count as “speaking with.”

When was the last time you invested your full attention in a conversation with your most important relationships?

Have you emailed something that would have been better delivered face-to-face (like your pricing and proposal, maybe?)

Look at your list of contacts and answer this question: When was the last time you “spoke?”

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