Grant and Elena Cardone on Confidence VS Arrogance and Why Anyone Can Sell Successfully – Episode #33


Grant Cardone has become a well known figure in the business world and most people you talk to either love him or hate him. Why? Because he’s willing to call things like he sees them. He’s happy to tell you that your game is not big enough. He’s eager to get in your face to push you to a higher level. And he’s perfectly content telling you that your main problem is you. On this episode Anthony gets Grant on the line to chat about what made him into the business success that he is, how he trains 4 year olds to sell successfully, and why confidence is something that can be built just like a muscle. Whether you love Grant or hate him, there’s great stuff for you to learn from this episode.

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Being self oriented is not a bad thing.

Of course everyone needs to have the ability to care about others. But that’s not what Grant Cardone is talking about when he says that self orientation is a good thing. What he means is that everyone needs to be concerned for their own welfare, their own success, and their own ability to make something of their lives. It’s THAT drive that enables people to accomplish big things, great things, things that matter in the world. On this episode of In The Arena Grant Cardone is asked what he thinks of the people who say he’s arrogant and the tables get turned a bit, so be sure you listen to hear Grant’s insightful response.

Confidence can be taught, just like a muscle.

People have this strange idea that they are wired to be either confident or unconfident. But that’s not true. Grant Cardone stresses that confidence is something that can be grown, just like a muscle. It takes very hard work and a sense that what you have at present is not enough to make you as successful as you want to be and could be. Be sure to listen to this episode to find out how Grant says people have to go about building their confidence and becoming a success in life and business.

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Are you sold on your own product?

Many salespeople give up on appointments with their prospects too early simply because they run out of belief that their product is the perfect solution for the prospect’s problems. Grant Cardone emphasizes how important it is for sales professionals to be sold on their own product before they even pick up the phone to prospect or set an appointment. It’s that confidence in the solution they have to offer that enables them to push past the objections and fears of their potential customers to help them see the answer that the product will bring to their situation.

Why you should not want to be in the middle class.

The middle class is not a safe place to be. Why? Because it’s the middle class that bears the burden of the failing economic system we live in. They are the ones who have to worry about meeting their bills. The middle class are the ones who are impacted by layoffs and market downturns. The middle class is stuck in the middle without much hope of getting out. That’s why Grant Cardone believes that the only way toward freedom is to move up and out of the middle class. Find out how Grant coaches people to move their game to a higher place so that they can experience the benefits of true freedom.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Anthony’s introduction to Grant Cardone.
  • Dealing with the randomness of a customer interview (and an interview with Grant Cardone).
  • Why Grant doesn’t think being self-oriented is a bad thing.
  • What happened to Grant between 10 and 25 that changed his life.
  • The power of having vision about what you could be.
  • How Grant Cardone is driven by fear (as all of us are).
  • Mindset, attitude, fear, hustle, and how they lead to success.
  • Why salespeople don’t want to take responsibility for their failures.
  • The amazing things that happen when you are sold on your own product.
  • Why building confidence is exactly like building muscle.
  • How anyone (even a 4 year old) can be trained to successfully sell.
  • Who is doing well in the economy today?
  • Why money doesn’t make you secure and what you should do in response.
  • The 3 biggest things Grant tells people to do in order to get out of the middle class.
  • Your problem is not the top 1% of earners, you are your problem.
  • How you can get Grant’s products.

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