Not Yet Enough

The universe is abundance. The challenges we humans face are not rooted in any lack of resources; they are rooted in our lack of resourcefulness.

It is fear that produces a scarcity mindset. It is this scarcity mindset that causes one to behave selfishly. Selfish behavior creates fear and a scarcity mindset in others. The meme spreads, it grows stronger, and it perpetuates.

We have enough resources. But we don’t yet have enough of things of greater importance.

There isn’t yet enough of us with the courage to believe that there is abundance, that there is enough for everyone. The meme of fear and scarcity is strong, and that infection is growing ever more powerful as we pass through this Disruptive Age.

There isn’t yet enough of us with the courage to choose love and compassion for others, for strangers, for people who are different, and for people infected with fear and scarcity. There aren’t nearly enough of us that refuse to be separated and divided from others over false and manufactured differences.

We don’t yet have enough of us that understand that what holds people down and prevents them from having enough is their mindset, their beliefs. We need the courage to do more than provide people with the barest of minimums required to survive. We need the courage to educate their hearts and minds, to help them believe, and to help them create new opportunities, to help them overcome the circumstances of their birth.

There aren’t yet enough of us with the courage to choose persuasion over force. There isn’t yet enough of us with the courage to believe that every individual is capable of making some great contribution, that they are powerful beyond belief. We haven’t done nearly enough to unlock the untapped potential still locked away.

This is what we do not yet have enough of. Today I am thankful that our numbers are growing.

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