Turning Relationships Around

If you’ve worked in a business setting for any time, you know that you are going to be challenged with adversarial people. Some of the adversarial people you will encounter will work within your own company. Even though you’re both wearing white hats, it can sometimes feel like they’re wearing a black hat. Sometimes the adversarial person you encounter lives inside your client’s organization. Heck, sometimes it can even be your client themselves!

These adversarial people can cause serious damage to your overall relationship. But if you decide to treat them as if their adversaries, you can cause even greater damage to the relationship.

My friend, Bob Burg, author of The Go Giver, has written a new book called Adversaries Into Allies. Bob’s book provides you with the killer framework for dealing with adversarial people. I interviewed Bob about the book on my In the Arena podcast last weekend, and you can listen to that here. I asked Bob to get into the tactical stuff inside the book because I think that’s what’s interesting and important.

You need to persuade people who are adversarial. This book will help you if you have adversarial relationships within your client accounts, and if you have some adversarial relationships within your own company this book may help you even more.

Adversaries Into Allies is finally available today. This link will take you to the book. If this isn’t enough to convince you, go to www.adversariesintoallies.com and download the first 28 pages free.

You’ll thank me for this one.

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