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The impact technological change is having on the way our society works is incalculable. It’s impacting everything from governments, to armed conflicts, to sales and marketing of products and services. On today’s episode Anthony chats with John Robb, a man with a varied background who is particularly interested these days in what he calls “resilient communities,” groups of people who come together around the shared desire to be self sustaining and able to provide everything they need for themselves. It may sound like a 1960s commune idea but it’s much more because of the way technology impacts the idea. You can hear how Anthony and John believe this approach to production and living impacts many areas of life, including sales and business.

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Groups that are able to become super empowered change the world.

It doesn’t take much observation to realize that even the smallest group can impact the entire world in powerful ways. Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other terrorist organizations have proven it to be true. With a handful of people and the use of modern technology the political and economic stability of numerous nations have been radically shaken. It’s one example of how the world we live in is changing and how super empowered communities can be a force for good or evil in the world. Today’s guest, John Robb, chats with Anthony about how it’s come about, how it can be leveraged for good, and what it’s going to take for companies and business people to shift into this new way of living.

Resourcefulness is the primary attribute an entrepreneur needs to have.

That’s because the technological age we live in is changing rapidly, almost daily. Those who want to stay on the cutting edge have got to be resourceful with not only what they have on hand but also with what is available if they are going to keep up. New ways of doing their job will have to emerge as technology forces the industrial age out and the digital age in. Today’s guest discusses how flexibility and teamwork can help companies and sales forces stay on top in the changing world we live in. You can hear Anthony’s chat with John Robb on this episode.

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The educational system is not keeping up with the way the world is changing.

Every year college graduates enter the job market and every year more and more of them are being employed as managers of fast food restaurants or construction workers. There’s nothing wrong with those professions, but it’s a sign of how the educational system is not keeping up with the needs of the changing economic and business landscape. Rather than learning old ways of thinking and doing business, job seekers need to learn how to adapt to the changing landscape and use the technological resources available to create new and cooperative ways of making the things that the world needs. You can hear this engaging conversation on this episode.

How a small company can beat the industry giants.

When John Robb is asked how small companies can truly compete in a marketplace where more and more large companies are dominating their space he says that the keys to being a successful smaller company are to niche-down and change its approach to the market. When a smaller company is able to specialize it carves out an area of the market that the larger companies don’t want to take the time to address, and it gives the smaller company a large enough slice of the pie to keep moving forward. And when it’s able to approach what they do as a service instead of a commodity, the smaller company is able to provide personalized attention and concern that larger companies are simply unable to give. John Robb has plenty of other insights where that came from, and you can hear them on this episode.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Anthony’s introduction of John Robb and this episode’s discussion.
  • John’s experience and interest in 3rd generation and open source warfare.
  • What is a red team player and what attributes enable a person to think like one?
  • How does a group become a super empowered group?
  • What is a resilient community and what work is John doing on that front?
  • Why the job market is flooded with people trained to do things that are irrelevant.
  • How belief systems impact groups becoming more empowered.
  • The best thing a sales professional can do for their company today.
  • Why Anthony is more uncomfortable than he’s been in a long time.

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