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Even in our day and age when women have moved effectively into more and more fields of study and expertise, the sales arena is still one of the most lopsided and difficult areas for women to advance in. Jill Konrath has risen to the surface as one of the premiere woman leaders in the sale world and on this episode she chats with Anthony about what it’s like to be a women in the sales arena, the particular challenges women face in sales, and the needs businesses have to leverage their company structure and workflows to accommodate the unique needs women on their sales force have so that they as a company can benefit from the amazing skills these women have to offer. It’s a great conversation, on this episode.

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Becoming a voice for women in the sales arena.

Jill Konrath found herself frustrated by both the language and the attitudes that circulated in the sales arena. Most of what she heard was oriented toward men and in many ways excluded or ignored the contributions women were making to the sales world. She found herself wishing that some successful woman sales professional would stand up and become a voice for women in sales and eventually realized that she would have to be that woman. You can hear Jill’s story and the way she’s risen to be a dominant voice for the incredible things women bring to the sales world and the sales process, on this episode of In The Arena.

Why is sales advice always coming from bald headed white guys?

Jill Konrath laughs as she says it, but wonders why the sales leaders and gurus in the sales arena always seem to be bald headed white guys who only use illustrations about football and war. The typical approach these sales speakers bring to the table is clearly oriented toward a male perspective, which she feels needs to stop. It’s not that Jill is anti-man, it’s that she’s pro-woman and wants to see the sales arena become a more hospitable place for women to thrive. But it’s even more than that. She wants to see companies benefit from the talents women bring to the table that men simply don’t find intuitive or natural… and that benefit the bottom line in the end. You can hear Jill’s insights and passion on the topic by listening to this great episode.

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Advice to young women starting out in sales.

After many years in the sales world Jill Konrath has seen many of the pitfalls that women have to avoid in order to make it in the world of corporate, direct, and B2B sales. She’s worked hard to not only navigate those pitfalls but to also put her observations and lessons learned into digestible form for women who are coming up behind her. On this episode of In The Arena she shares her story with Anthony and gives some sage advice to younger women who are navigating the sales world for the first time. It’s great advice that any young female sales professional will benefit from.

How women are often able to relate to clients in a way that fosters trust and generates sales.

One of the primary components of any trust based relationship is the emotional or personal connection that those in the relationship feel. That area is one that women find natural and one that they are able to foster very effectively in the sales process. On this episode Jill Konrath talks about the benefits companies receive when they have skilled, intelligent women on their sales forces. She highlights the things that make women so effective in sales and the things company leaders can do to make the work environment more amenable to women – so that everyone can benefit from the strengths they bring to the table. You won’t want to miss this one.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Why Anthony invited Jill Konrath to be on the show.
  • How Jill became a leader in the sales space and in leading women in sales.
  • Jill’s advice to young women who are starting out in sales.
  • The amazing ability women have of relating to clients or prospects.
  • The challenges women continue to face in business.

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