Making Strategic Sales Presentations with Jack Malcolm – Episode 8

How much do you recall of the last sales presentation you heard? Chances are it’s not very much. Today’s guest is Jack Malcolm, a sales professional who has made a career out of figuring out the key aspects of an effective sales presentation so he can not only practice them but teach them to others. Anthony’s feeling is that Jack is a super smart guy who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to sales, so be sure you take the time to listen to this one. There’s at least one thing in her that will increase your sales percentage.

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How to approach a major sales presentation.

Powerpoint slides have become synonymous with sales presentations and many people have become sick of them as a mode of communicating ideas. That’s because those who have used them have overdone it, leaning too heavily on the tool and not heavily enough on their skill at building relational connection with their prospects. On this episode of In The Arena Jack Malcolm shares how to build a presentation that you can present backwards and forwards, with or without your slide deck, and increase your closing rate at the same time.

When the room is full of stakeholders how do you make your sales presentation?

It used to be that the most important person to influence toward a sales solution was the person at the top of the food chain. But it’s not that way anymore. Now it’s not uncommon to have a room full of people at varying positions within an organization who are a part of the decision making process. It’s decision by consensus. That changes the dynamic of a sales presentation dramatically. How should you deal with it? On this episode Anthony’s guest, Jack Malcolm gives some solid advice about how to build relationships all the way around so that you can get the sale more often.

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Work the relationships at all levels of the sale.

It’s a natural tendency to feel that those who are at the top of the organizational chart have the most influence over a purchasing decision. But it’s no longer the case. Roles in organizations have become more and more segmented – to the point that top executives lean more heavily on those who bear delegated authority for specific aspects of the company’s strategy. That means the salesperson needs to be building confidence and trust with everyone in the mix, from the top all the way down. Today’s guest, Jack Malcolm teaches us how to do that so be sure you listen.

What can you do to provide proof for your sales arguments?

Jack Malcolm says that the emphasis lately on the usefulness of stories has led some to believe that facts and data are no longer needed in the sales process. But he’s convinced that the two have to work hand in hand. Without a story you won’t engage the prospect on the level of needs and solutions. Without data you won’t be able to convince him/her that your solution is the right one. Hear how you can incorporate both into your sales presentations on this great episode.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Anthony’s introduction of Jack Malcolm.
  • Death by powerpoint and how to approach a major sales presentation.
  • Why you should know your presentation without slides.
  • How salespeople can manage a room full of various stakeholders.
  • How to work relationship at all levels of the sale.
  • How to choose the message when it’s time for a sales presentation.
  • Providing proof for your arguments in a sales presentation.
  • How do you get comfortable starting a sales presentation big?

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