Focus on the Right Side of the Scale

Take a look at the scale in the picture above this post. The scale is perfectly balanced. Your results in life—and sales—are very much like this scale.

The scale that is your results is always precisely balanced, too. Whatever you put in on one side your side of the scale causes the other side to change to match it. You might be tempted to believe that your results are out of balance, but they’re not. If you feel that way, it’s because you are focused on the wrong side of the scale. You’re focused on the side that is the result that you are getting and not on the side that is the input generating those results.

Having more money is a result. If you want to make more money, you have to change what you are doing on the side of the scale that is the effort you are making to create value for other people. You control the side of the scale that is the input; the other side responds accordingly. More value created for others, more money. Less value created for others, less money.

You may want better relationships. Relationships work in exactly the same way that money works; to increase the quality of your relationships, you need to change the inputs. A greater investment in relaitonships results in a greater return. Too small of investment in relationships returns poor relationships.

Right now your sales results are an exact reflection of your input on your side of the scale. The results reflected on the other side of the scale are exactly tuned to the inputs and effort you are making. To change the results on that side of the scale, you have to change the inputs on the your side of the scale.


Are the results you’re producing the results you really want?

Are the inputs you are putting in the right inputs to generate those results? Are they enough?

What needs to change?

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