When You Should Be Ashamed to Sell

If you know that what you are selling isn’t right for the person buying it, you should be ashamed to sell it to them. This isn’t something professional salespeople do.

If what you are selling doesn’t create the value that you have led the buyer to believe it will create, you should feel ashamed about selling it. If you have allowed the buyer to build up what you are selling too much in their own mind, you should be ashamed to sell it to them. Professional salespeople aren’t afraid to discuss the limits of what they sell.

If you have to be manipulative to get a buyer to buy what it is you sell, then you should be more than ashamed to sell it to them; you should be horrified. If you can manipulate buyers and not feel shame, then you have a rather serious medical condition.

If you have to take advantage of someone by relying on some imbalance between you and your buyer, then you should feel shame for making the sale. This too probably indicates a serious medical problem. You should feel a sense of shame if you wouldn’t want someone to sell to your Grandmother the way that you sell.

If you aren’t willing to stand behind what you sell, then you shouldn’t feel good about selling it.

You should never be ashamed to sell. If you feel any sense of shame or guilt about what you’re selling, you shouldn’t sell it. If you aren’t proud of the way that you sell, then you should stop selling that way. Live by the code.


How do you feel about what you sell?

How do you feel about the way that you sell?

Do you know anyone that still sells using any techniques that they should be ashamed to use?

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