What Are You Waiting For?

Are you waiting for permission to be the best and fullest version of yourself?

Are you waiting to be recognized so you can finally share your gift with the world?

Are you waiting for a sign? Are you waiting for just the right moment?

Are you waiting for your dream client to pick up the phone, call you, and ask you to help them get the better result that they need?

Are you waiting for your dream client to figure out where they need to go next in order to produce better results?

Did you leave a sales call with your dream client without gaining a commitment for the next call and found yourself now waiting for them to get back with you?

Are you waiting for the dream client that you are now working on winning to determine for themselves if they should buy from you or from someone else?

Are you waiting for your power sponsors to build consensus around your solution?

Are you waiting for your company to give you the training and the development that you need to produce better results?

Are you waiting until you know more? Are you waiting until you believe that you are good enough? Smart enough? Strong enough?

Stop Waiting!

The world is waiting for you to share your gifts now. You are enough right now. Just like the rest of us, you are perfect just as you are right now, and you could stand a little improving.

Your dream clients are waiting for you to reach out to them and to show them how you can make a difference. You know enough now. You are smart enough. You can make a difference now.

The better results that you want for yourself are waiting for you to take the disciplined actions that will bring those results to life.

Are you willing to stop waiting and will yourself to action instead?

There is a reason that there is no metric for waiting. There is a reason we don’t track waiting. It’s because waiting isn’t something worth tracking. The only thing that comes to those who wait is a lifetime of missed opportunities and what’s left after those that will themselves to action have divvied up what’s worth having.

Stop waiting.

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