Why I Write and Post Daily on The Sales Blog

Last week I received an email from a friend. He congratulated me on The Sales Blog being named the Top Sales Blog for 2010, and then he told me that my blogging daily is too much and that it was hard for him to keep up.

Why Daily?

I write a blog post everyday because I am a writer. Writers write.

Writing, like anything else worth doing well, is a discipline. Having looked over my posts of the last thirteen months, both my writing and my editing skills have improved immensely (so much so that I am embarrassed by some really awful writing).

Writing daily is a great exercise of self-discipline and planning. I rise very early in the morning to write. Writing first thing in the morning works because your brain is completely clean, your psychic energy is freed up, and the world has yet to start making demands of you. At five-thirty in the morning, no one is vying for your time.

The posts that I write allow me to share my ideas with others, and to have those ideas sharpened by the comments, thoughts, suggestions, and disagreements with salespeople and sales managers who post in the comment box, who email me directly, or who call me. These conversations are what make the Internet and social media a worthwhile pursuit, and many have led to relationships and business opportunities I would otherwise have never had.

Writing also helps me to codify my beliefs. It is an interesting exercise to write down what you know, what you believe, and what it means. Writing a blog post every day has helped me to lead a more examined life, especially as it pertains to sales, sales management, leadership, and business. If you haven’t tried writing down what you think you know, I highly recommend it!

What Do I Think About You?

I hope that you come here everyday to find something you can use to make you more effective in sales, sales management, or leadership. But that doesn’t mean that I expect that everything that I write will be of interest or useful to you at the time that I write it. In fact, that is one of the reasons I write everyday.

I write about what I am thinking about at the time, knowing that it will be useful to some salespeople or sales managers at that time, and not so useful for others. A few months ago, I added a search box, so that you might better find an idea that might help you when you actually needed it. Last month I added an Archives page because that might make finding an idea even easier. What I wrote last month—or five months ago—might be useful to you at some time in the future, and it will be here waiting.

You don’t have to keep up, although I hope you try by subscribing to the RSS Feed here. I also started adding a list of links and a short description of each post from the current week in my newsletter, in case you missed something you might have wanted to read.

That’s why I write and post everyday, even if you can’t read every post in real time. Thanks for reading what you do find interesting or useful, and thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas here.


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