The Annual Top Sales Awards (Part Two)

Yesterday, I expressed my gratitude for having been awarded Top Sales Blog. But this isn’t about me, so let’s move on to where the real value in this contest is found for you: the content and the creators.

Top Sales Article: Paul McCord

In another crowded space with many deserving entries, Paul McCord won top honors. I don’t know Paul as well as I would like, but I read his blog regularly. He is as smart and thoughtful as they come, and sometimes provocative. For selfish reasons, this is one of my recent favorites. I recommend you add his blog to your RSS feed.

Congratulations, Mr. McCord!

While you are at it, check out Kendra Lee and Joanne Black, the silver and bronze medal winners.

Top Sales Book: Art Sobczak

Honestly, I haven’t read Art’s book. Yet. But I do read his blog, which is highly educational–as well as sometimes being very, very funny. His blog alone is enough to recommend his book.

Congratulations, Mr. Sobczak!

I have read and recommend Jill’s book, SNAP Selling, which won the silver medal. Read my interview with Jill here and here.

I purchased Tibor Shanto and Craig Elias‘s new book, Shift Selling, which won the bronze medal. I don’t have to read the book to recommend it. I wrote a post called The Case Against Trigger Events, and Craig responded in the comments. Tibor and Craig are way out in front when it comes to a framework for understanding and using trigger events. Read the comments, then go buy the book.

Top Sales Blog

There were 25 blogs on the initial list published. Each and every one of them is worth your time and attention. Think of them as tools in your toolkit; one of them is bound to have an idea or answer for whatever may be ailing you.

1. B2B Lead Generation Blog – Brian Carroll –

2. The JF Blogit – Jonathan Farrington –

3. The Sales Blog – S. Anthony Iannarino –

3. Trust Matters Blog – Charles Green –

5. Jill Konrath’s Blog – Jill Konrath –

6 Ian Brodie’s Blog – Ian Brodie –

6. Understanding the Sales Force – Dave Kurlan –

8. Sales & Management Blog – Paul McCord –

8. Sales Excellence Blog – Dave Brock –

10. Wendy Weiss’s Blog – Wendy Weiss –

11. Profit Builders Blog – Keith Rosen –

12. Dave Stein’s Blog – Dave Stein –

13. Closing Bigger – Shane Gibson –

14.  Engage Selling Blog – Colleen Francis –

15. Sharon-Drew Morgen’s Blog –

16. The Pipeline – Tibor Shanto –

17. Telesales Blog – Art Sobczak –

18. New Sales Economy – Chad Levitt –

19. Selling to Consumers – Skip Anderson –

19. Fill the Funnel – Miles Austin –

21. Heavy Hitter Blog – Steve Martin –

22. The Brooks Group Blog – Brooks Group –

23. Fearless Selling – Kelley Robertson –

24. Sales Hunter’s Blog – Mark Hunter –

25. Sales Playbook – Paul Castain –

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