The New Prospecting Tool: Getting In with IntroMojo

Before you can win any deal, you first have to get in. That means prospecting, finding the right contact, and then having something meaningful to say. IntroMojo can help you get in–and maybe find something meaningful to say, too.

My friend, Dan Waldshmidt, has created a prospecting tool that allows you to simply enter your prospect’s name or email address, and the software returns a staggering amount of data about that prospect. The nature of the data is, well, very personal. You know where your prospect is now, where they have been, who they know, what they read, what they write, and, of course, how to contact them.

The Internet has changed prospecting forever. Information is abundant and everywhere. Lots of site have one or two pieces of information. Personally, I hate having to search more than one site, bouncing from Jigsaw to Linkedin, etc. What I love about what Dan and his team has done is that it compiles data from hundreds of services and rolls it up into one screen that they call a dossier. You can save the file as a PDF, and I promise you will have all kinds of surprising information at your fingertips when you call on your dream client. Here is mine:  S. Anthony Iannarino Dossier.

Click the banner at the top of the post to give IntroMojo a free trial run and to Get In!

In the nature of full disclosure, this is an affiliate link and the only one I have ever presented on The Sales Blog.

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