On Unlimited Sales Success with Brian Tracy – Episode 29

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When I had a chance to catch up with the legendary Brian Tracy, I was in England speaking to my friends at Travel Counsellors, and Brian just returned from a 13 country, 36-day world tour.

Brian Tracy is a force of nature. He pulled himself up from nothing through sales, and he’s built a speaking, coaching, consulting, and training organization that is second to none. He published four books in 2013 alone, including Unlimited Sales Success: 12 Simple Steps for Selling More Than You Ever Thought Possible. Brian has long been one of my role models.

I ask Brian about why the sales manager is the critical role in producing sales results, what customers really want—even though you believe it’s price, how you are making price the issue, the importance of self-esteem and optimism in self-confidence, why it’s your job to help people in their life and work, how to be consultative, and the passing of Zig Ziglar.

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