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You Are Stalled

You Are Stalled

You’re working a big deal through your pipeline. Things are going well–even better than expected. You have the ability to create tremendous value for this dream client. And they appreciate what you do and how you do it. If anything was ever a sure bet this would be it.

Now you’re going through the motions. There are some phone calls you need to make. There are some emails that need to be sent and responded to. There are even a couple meetings on your calendar. You might even need to have a few internal conversations with your team about the implementation plan.

This deal is anything but stalled.

The Deal Is Fine. You Aren’t.

Because you are confident you’re going to win this deal, you’ve completely stopped prospecting. And you have started to ignore the other existing opportunities in your pipeline. Those opportunities are smaller and not as certain to close any time soon.

If we’re being honest, you still have time to work on opportunity acquisition, don’t you? You still have time to open the new relationships that will provide you with your next big deal.

You still have time to make calls, schedule meetings, and schedule the appointments that will move the other deals in your pipeline forward, if you wanted to. Right?

Making calls to prospective clients, scheduling appointments to move other opportunities forward, and doing all of the other work that you need to build your sales results won’t take anything away from your ability to you will win your big deal. It won’t do anything to lessen the likelihood you win either.

You don’t have a time management problem. You have a “me management” problem.

Not taking these actions is a type of stall. It has the same result as if all the opportunities in your pipeline stalled at exactly the same time (minus your one big deal, of course).

Don’t stop working because you are close on a big deal.


Is there really so much work around your big deal that you can do nothing else?

What are the rewards of working on only your on, really close, really big deal? What are the (many) risks?

How many deal can you effectively work at one time?

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  1. […] You Are Stalled. From the Sales Blog by S. Anthony Iannarino. This is a new blog to me, but the idea that we can let a big project (substitute “project” where Anthony writes about “deal”) derail us is 100% accurate. How often do I do NOTHING because I’m waiting for that one “big one” to come through or move forward? Bah! Oftentimes the real action comes from the OTHER deals… or projects. Instead of waiting, keep moving other pieces on your checkerboard forward. […]