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The Difference in Time Management and Me Management

Most people don’t really have a problem with time management. They have a problem with “me management.” Time management is easy, “me management” is what’s difficult.

Time management is putting all of your appointments on your calendar. That’s an easy, straightforward task that no one has a real problem completing.

“Me management,” on the other hand is the part where you make your prospecting calls to schedule those appointments. Getting yourself to make your calls is “me management,” not time management.

“Me management” is also saying no to the things that you are asked to do that aren’t really aligned with your goals. “Me management” is how you keep from getting so overcommitted.

Time management is carving out an hour a day to respond to your email. Okay, maybe two hours in extreme cases.

“Me management” is the ability to leave your email program closed during the first two hours of your day so that you can focus on your highest priorities. “Me management” is the ability to turn off email and other distractions while you grind out your real work, including the Internet and all of your social site distractions.

Time management is scheduling time with your team to help them produce better results, to grow, and to develop. It’s one of the most valuable investments of time you can make, as long as you give it your full attention and focus.

“Me management” is shutting the laptop lid, turning off the phone, and giving the person you are working with your full, undivided attention. “Me management” is giving them the coaching and growth opportunity they need, and not giving them the easy answer so you can be efficient.

Time management is setting aside time for life, like dinner with the family, exercising, decompressing, and reading something worthwhile. These things are easy because they are so enjoyable. Why don’t we invest more time there? Because we have “me management” problems.

“Me management” is the ability to set the work aside long enough to make a meaningful life.


Do you have a time management problem or a “me management” problem?

Which of your biggest time management problems is really a “me management” problem masquerading as a time management problem?

How could you develop the self-discipline to eliminate your “me management” challenges?

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