Episode 25 – On New Sales Simplified with Mike Weinberg


I wrote the foreword for my friend Mike Weinberg’s book, New Sales Simplified. If I would have known that the book was going to drive so much business to his door that I’d have to beg to bring him to show up here for a podcast, I might have locked him into a contract.

Everyone loves Mike’s book. There’s a reason. It is straightforward, honest direction on how to move your sales team forward. I ask Mike about opportunity acquisition, how we make more hunters, targeting dream clients, and the power of your sales story.

You’re going to flat out love this one.

Show Notes

Mike Weinberg

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  • Bob Gustafson

    Excellent podcast Anthony. Mike is truly inspirational, especially concerning the sales story. His book has been on my desk for a long time now and I refer to it over and over again. It all sounds so easy but in reality, old habits are hard to change. Not just individually, but within companies and industries. Keep up the good work!

  • http://brettcohrs.com Brett

    To piggyback on the tactical portion of the podcast re: numbers of dream clients or targets on your key list, would you say there’s a ‘second tier’ list that should be worked? Perhaps not dream clients but clients that you could still do quality work for that would be profitable? Would you say that list should be in the 100 or 200 or 500 range? (I’m sure there’s an ‘it depends’ element to this).