On Improv and Trusting the Process with Jake Iannarino – Episode 17

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Jake is my younger brother. He’s a professional comedian and actor with deep roots in improv. When he was 17, he was the youngest member accepted to the national touring improv group, Midwest Comedy Tool & Die, led by Michael Loftus (Producer and Head Writer of Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management).

Jake was also in The Animal and The Hot Chick, and recently helped write and produce American Wiseass for The History Channel. I ask Jake to talk about getting his start in comedy, the rules of improv, trust in the process, and he writes a “new” theme song for In the Arena (which I promise will never be used outside of this podcast).

WARNING: Jake is a professional comedian. You are listening to this podcast of your own free will, and I am in no way liable for your being offended in any way—particularly during the song.

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Jake Iannarino

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