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You Are a Commission Only Salesperson

I just spoke to a group of people learning to master the digital channels. I opened by asking for a show of hands as to who in the room worked as a commission only salesperson? Not a single hand was raised. I’m certain they thought I was in the wrong room.

So I asked for a show of hands from people who believed that the results that they produce in business and life are the direct result of their ability to sell themselves and their ideas, their ability to influence and persuade others. Every person in the room raised a hand. I asked again how many believed they were commission only salespeople … again, every hand.

Now I want you to raise your hand.

People don’t want to believe that they’re salespeople. But they are. You are. If you don’t describe yourself as a salesperson, it’s even worse than that: you are a commission only sales person. Whether or not you know it, believe it, or accept it, it’s true.

All of the results that you produce in business (and life) are the result of your ability to sell yourself and your ideas. The only thing that you have any modicum of control over is yourself. The best you can hope for with other people is influence; you’ll never control them. The results that you produce are necessarily the result of your ability to influence other people.

So is the money you make. The amount of money you earn (your commission) is a direct reflection of the value you create. The more people you persuade to let you create value for—and with—them, the more money you make.

Do you believe this to be true? Then what do you need to change?

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  • Outsourced sales

    Spot on. Outstanding article. Sales in general gets a bad rap I think. We really are all sales people, and there is nothing more genuine than a true commission only sales rep. There’s nothing to hide behind; you’re either doing well or you aren’t; it’s a binary world. There is something fresh about that; no bravado, no excuses. You’re either selling or you aren’t. End of story. Congrats for a great post.

    • S. Anthony Iannarino


    • Monica Nielsen

      I liked your comment Outsourced sales and you are correct you’re either selling or aren’t. So true! :) ~M

  • Monica Nielsen

    Great read, yes I actually do not know any other way. :)

    Thanks for the timing of your post. I needed a reminder of how great I know this journey can be. Thanks again, your inspiring. I never say the journey is easy, however I do know it is worth it. Wishing you a week of inspiration back the way you are able to inspire others on their own personal journey. :)

    • Anna

      Where do you find Commision-only sales force?
      I am struggling to find a good rep.
      IT development company – if there are any talents here please email me at pidlisetska at gmail
      Thank you

  • Rekie

    Awesome artice! Thank you! I just started a new sales position with a start-up so I really needed to hear this message

  • Drew Ritchie

    Outstanding! I walked into the office this morning feeling as if I am on top of the world. What was I doing? I was selling myself on the type of day I was/am going to have. And to top that off, Anthony just affirmed my beliefs in my five minutes of power that I take every morning. Thank you Anthony, for all that you do!

  • Jane | Problogging Success

    Of course, there’s nothing to hide. We sell our ideas, innovations etc. and make our living. That’s how businesses run! Unless and until we don’t steal and sell we are good!