Red Teams, Resilient Communities, and Super-Empowered Groups with John Robb – Episode 15

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John Robb has a very varied background, so he’s difficult to describe. He has a military background, having been in special forces and working with Delta Force. He worked for Forrester as the first internet analyst. Then he built a number of businesses, one in the financial industry that sold for close to 300 million dollars.


I found John because I hang around on the outskirts of a group of people that study fourth generation warfare. His book, Brave New War is, for my money, more eye-opening and enlightening than Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat. John is now focused on helping people build Resilient Communities.


I ask John to talk about being a red team player, which means thinking like an underdog. I ask him to share his ideas about super-empowered groups. We also chat about this disruptive age and how the legacy systems and structures are struggling to deal with the technological changes. We also chat a lot about networked, resilient communities–and their importance in the way we organize our lives in business in the future.


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Brave New War (Affiliate Link)

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