The Power of Consistency with Weldon Long – Episode 14


Weldon Long has an amazing, inspirational story. If you have any doubts that mindset is the foundation of all of the results you produce in life, I offer you Weldon Long as my refutation of your doubts. While in his third term in a federal prison, his father said these words to him right before passing away, “As long as you’re still breathing, you’ve got a shot.” Weldon went on to pick up a few key books, and he infected himself with a whole new belief system. That belief system allowed him to build multi-million dollar businesses and to succeed beyond anyone’s imagination  . . . except his own.

I talk to Weldon about the importance of mindset, that no matter what has come before you can change, the power of taking responsibility for where you are (as opposed to a victim mentality), and why success isn’t a knowledge problem.

Show Notes:

The Power of Consistency (Affiliate Link)
The Upside of Fear (Affiliate Link)

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