The Only Sales Guide You'll Ever Need

New Book From Anthony Iannarino

The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need

the only sales guide you'll ever need



Summary from Portfolio

A comprehensive guide to transforming your mindset and improving your skill sets to achieve sales success, from the rising star sales blogger, lecturer, and consultant.

How is it that a small number of salespeople are hugely successful, while the rest struggle to win deals? It’s not because they sell more popular products or have less demanding clients. It’s because these top producers have the right mindset and skills to continuously deliver for their companies and their clients.

Anthony Iannarino built a formidable career in sales himself from the ground up, then began blogging, consulting and lecturing to help others. His overall theme is that almost any salesperson can be successful by mastering the right mindset and skillsets. He breaks down the essentials of sales performance into 19 strategies, including: 

  • Self-discipline: the most crucial element of sales success, and the most difficult. Train your discipline by creating a discipline list of good daily practices that break down your ultimate goals into actionable steps, such as calling three prospective clients a day. Make your commitments public to hold yourself accountable.
  • Business acumen: It’s no longer enough to know your product well; salespeople need to understand the general business landscape and common business terminology. Most importantly, your clients are businesspeople. Sell to them by proving that you can think like a businessperson as well.
  • Closing: closing a sale isn’t just about the final commitment to buy. There are a series of smaller commitments required along the way. Make your prospective.

Iannarino’s book is as useful for sales rookies who want to get their dream clients as it is for veterans who want to return to the basics to reach new heights. This is the definitive book on sales–the only sales guide you’ll ever need.

What the Experts Are Saying:

  • Anthony Iannarino is among the best in the sales world. And his new book is a magnificent tool for any salesperson.

    Testimonial headshot

    Bob Burg bestselling author of The Go-Giver

  • In today’s sales environment, you are a primary differentiator. Iannarino clearly outlines the mind-sets and skill-sets needed to become invaluable to your clients and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

    Testimonial headshot

    Jill Konrath author of Agile Selling and SNAP Selling

  • Anthony Iannarino is a salesperson’s salesperson—an expert who knows what it takes to succeed in the field, because he’s been in the trenches, making calls, building relationships, and closing deals. This book is an extremely useful resource for anyone who sells for a living.

    Testimonial headshot

    Michael Port author of Steal the Show

  • Nobody knows sales the way Anthony does, and he shares everything from sales tactics to mind-set in this book, written in his engaging style. This really is the only sales guide you’ll ever need—from a real salesperson who knows his game.

    Testimonial headshot

    Mark Hunter author of High-Profit Selling

  • Iannarino’s book will guide you through the most challenging and complex issues in sales and, most of all, keep you from getting stuck. Read this book and greatly expand your selling powers.

    Testimonial headshot

    Tim Sanders former CSO of Yahoo & author of Dealstorming

  • As a salesperson, your craft—and how well you know it—is actually your biggest competitive advantage in any scenario. If you want to perfect your selling skills and win more deals, read this book.

    Testimonial headshot

    Trish Bertuzzi author of The Sales Development Playbook

  • Anthony Iannarino has written a genius book that helps salespeople master the art and science of selling, with practical advice on everything from strategy to execution. This is a game changer for the whole industry.

    Testimonial headshot

    Gerhard Gschwandtner CEO, Selling Power

  • Given the proper beliefs and tools, your brain knows how to reach the finish line. This handbook offers you both the mid-set and a tool kit that will optimize your thinking and close deals.

    Testimonial Headshot

    Carmen Simon author of Impossible to Ignore


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