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alt text image of a book on a stack of books as a metaphor for packing up my library

Packing Up My Library

Today and tomorrow I am moving. Tomorrow I am leaving the house I have lived in since 2001 for a new—and very different--house a few miles away. I am not sentimental about houses, even the one where I raised my three children.

I am, however,…

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How I Read Books Now: A Revision

A few months after my brain surgery in 1992, I told my neurologist that I felt like my brain was on fire and that I was reading a book every couple of days.

I fell in love with reading in 6th grade when Ms. Paolini required me to read Jonathon…

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How You Learn to Sell

I remember how my old man “taught” me to swim. He launched me into the deep end of the swimming pool. I think I was four years old. I replaced the water I was taking in through my mouth and nose with tears as I struggled to tread water. By the…

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