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Is This a Good Time

Selling well is about making effective choices. It doesn’t make sense to open a phone call to your dream client with “Is this a good time?”

If you are calling your prospective client to ask them for a meeting, you don't need much time. You simply…

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No Thank You for Your Email

Here is an email I received from a company that would like to set appointments for one of my businesses.

[caption id="attachment_51047" align="alignleft" width="720"]A very poor attempt at prospecting A very poor attempt at prospecting[/caption]

The sender begins by…

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On Picks and Shovels

My friend Thad sent me a graphic he found on the web. The graphic shows what it describes as the old model of sales and the new model. The old model sales model includes three items: cold calling, qualifying leads, and sales demos. The new model…

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