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Pitchy No Value Prospecting

The young salesperson’s email promises me that his product will allow my sales team to produce 30 percent more appointments than they are producing now in the same time. He wonders if that is interesting enough to me to warrant a phone call. It…

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What Your Rejected Email Really Means

When you send an email asking your dream client to call you, and that email is never returned, you have been given feedback as to your approach. The rejection means that what you did failed. It didn’t work, and you didn’t get what you wanted.

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No Thank You for Your Email

Here is an email I received from a company that would like to set appointments for one of my businesses.

[caption id="attachment_51047" align="alignleft" width="720"]A very poor attempt at prospecting A very poor attempt at prospecting[/caption]

The sender begins by…

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