Have No Fear: How to Effectively Deal with Obstacles and Difficult Conversations and Win Clients

Time: 45 - 60 mins
Audience: Any and all sales organizations


Most of the challenges salespeople experience around taking action have their root in some fear. They fear having conversations around the commitments they need and they worry about coming off as aggressive or self-oriented. They fear discussing price, believing it puts their opportunity at risk. They fear telling the client they can’t have what they want without a greater investment or challenging the customer’s beliefs.

This keynote provides the sales force with a deep understanding of the major fears salespeople face and how to effectively face those fears I a way that strengthens relationships.


  • Understanding how fear works and why it prevents action
  • Identification of the 7 major fears salespeople must overcome to produce breakthrough results
  • The language choices that allow salespeople to act in spite of their fears and gain trust at the same time.

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