Building Consensus: How to Create Alignment, Remove Obstacles, and Find a Path to Yes

Time: 1 day workshop
Audience: Primarily B2B sales organizations


This is an interactive workshop that develops the sales force’s ability to build consensus within their dream client accounts and find a path to a deal. This interactive workshop builds on the ideas in the Level 4 Value Creation keynote by providing the sales force with the opportunity to “war room” live deals using the Consensus Methodology.

Note: This workshop is best delivered to groups of no more than 20 individuals.


  • Understand the need for building consensus and how decisions are made in complex sales.
  • How to identify the stakeholders, their roles, and the value that you need to create in order to gain their support.
  • Identification of buying committee members, their relationships, and how to gain access to these groups and individuals.
  • Understanding of the the three primary drivers necessary to create change and evaluate which stakeholders hold the keys to creating and winning and opportunity.

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