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My keynotes and workshops have been delivered in 36 cities across 8 countries. Would you like to improve your sales or those of your team?


  • Anthony's realistic and strategic approach to selling resonated with my sales team in a manner that allowed them to improve their sales ability by thinking as a consultant instead of a vendor. Anthony's ability to relate with the audience specific to our marketplace kept the audience engaged throughout his presentation.

    Testimonial headshot

    Matthew Miller Abbott Laboratories

  • With Anthony's help IDEXX has developed a new sales methodology and re-engineered our sales process, allowing us to demonstrate our ability to help our customers grow and be strategic partners in their business — not simply a product vendor.

    Matt Steele

    Matt Steele CAG Sales Training Manager, IDEXX Laboratories

  • Anthony Iannarino delivered an exceptionally highly rated keynote and workshop. We will invite him back without hesitation — and many of our delegates will return to experience his work again.

    Andrew Honey, ThinkSales

    Andrew Honey CEO, ThinkSales (South Africa)

  • Anthony provides value in his speaking content because you can walk out of his presentations, apply his real world concepts immediately, and get different results than when you walked in the room.

    Tracy Austin

    Tracy Austin International Coaching Federation

  • Sales audiences connect with Anthony because he speaks their language. Having used him a multiple sales kickoffs and smaller sessions throughout the year, I have seen my sales teams develop positive behaviors leading to greater quota achievement, for them, and increased top line for the company.

    Mike Sheridan

    Mike Sheridan EVP Sales, Talend

  • I had a very specific need. I needed Anthony to be brilliant and brief and on-point. My event was very much time-sensitive and the buyers had paid a lot of money to get very definitive information. S. Anthony Iannarino delivered brilliantly on these needs. I would work with him (and intend to do so) again.

    Chris Brogan

    Chris Brogan CEO, Human Business Works

  • Anthony Iannarino was the perfect person to kickoff the Ohio Growth Summit. He woke them up and got them revved up. He not only gave them ideas and action steps to grow their business, he got them ready to learn throughout the rest of the conference.

    Michael Bowers

    Michael Bowers Ohio Growth Summit

  • Anthony Iannarino develops and designs a sales workshop the right way. While other sales experts tell you what to do (increase sales at higher margin), Anthony prescribes how to do it by spending time diagnosing our business and industry. Anthony's commitment to getting to know our business and people before embarking on his steps to success for us, made his contribution priceless. Our sales are up double digits over last year and our team has never been more prepared to serve our customers.

    Testimonial Headshot

    Michael Souders Vice President of Sales, WinWholesale


Level 4 Value Creation: How to Create & Sustain Relationships of Value

Time: 45 – 75 mins
Audience: Primarily B2B sales organizations
Your team will learn how to create more value throughout the entire sales process, to create and win more opportunities — at a higher margin, and to increase their wallet share within your existing clients. Learn More

5 Rules for Making Business Relationships Rock

Time: 45 – 60 mins
Audience: Primarily B2C sales organizations, entrepreneurial businesses, and non-salespeople who need to win new business.
This keynote will help your team learn how to create a higher level of value, allowing them to compete and win at a higher price and develop lifetime relationships. Learn More

Have No Fear: How to Effectively Deal with Obstacles and Difficult Conversations and Win Clients

Time: 45 – 60 mins
Audience: All sales organizations
This keynote provides the sales force with a deep understanding of the major fears salespeople face and how to effectively face those fears I a way that strengthens relationships. Learn More

The Hustler’s Playbook

Time: 45 – 60 mins
Audience: General
In this keynote address, Anthony shares stories, anecdotes, and the new rules for success-minded people in the Disruptive Age. Learn More


Level 4 Value Creation: How to Create and Sustain Relationships of Value

Time: Options for 1 and 2 day workshops
Audience: Primarily B2B sales organizations
This interactive workshop takes the ideas from the Level 4 Value Creation keynote and puts them in the hands of your sales force and supporting teams. Learn More

Building Consensus: How to Create Alignment, Remove Obstacles, and Find a Path to Yes

Time: 1 day workshop
Audience: Primarily B2B sales organizations
This is an interactive workshop that develops the sales force’s ability to build consensus within their dream client accounts and find a path to a deal. Learn More

Capturing Value: How to Win at a Higher Price, Defend Your Margin, and Deliver Value

Time: 1 day workshop
Audience: All sales organizations
This workshop focuses on how to create a level of value throughout the sales process that allows you to defend the investment necessary to produce the promised results. Learn More

How to Create Value Propositions that Compel Clients and Win Deals

Time: 1 day workshop
Audience: Primarily B2B sales organizations
You want your salespeople to sell value. You need them to move away from selling “low price,” selling product, and selling features and benefits. You need them to create a compelling, tailored value proposition for their clients. Learn More

Coaching the Sales Force

Time: 1 day workshop
Audience: Sales leaders and sales managers
In this one day workshop, we provide a professional coaching model that provides your sales managers the framework and methodology for coaching their team to their best performance. Learn More

The Art of Me Management

Time: 1 day workshop
Audience: General
The Art of Me Management is the art of making decisions across various disciplines and building the disciplined actions that produce real, lasting, and meaningful results. Learn More

Special Notes

All keynotes and workshops include pre-work and post-work. The pre-work allows us to customize the keynote and workshop for your audience, ensuring it is relevant, impactful, and actionable. The post-work ensures that the lessons are implemented and offer the audience an opportunity to ask questions, resolve challenges, and share best practices.  

How We Stay Connected

Many of the sales organizations we work with want to know how we can stay connected after an event, a keynote, a workshop, or a consulting project. We’ve built a Learning Management System with engaging content and answers to your sales forces most pressing issues and challenges. This web-based system is updated with new content monthly, as well as live Webinars and Q&A Webinars every month. We built this offering to be affordable for individuals and corporate clients. We’ll be happy to share some ideas about how we can provide your team with the mindset, skill sets, and tools to continually improve their personal sales results.
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